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Home Invader Stopped With Less Lethal Tool

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Ivory Smith says:

We have Bryna! –also firearms. Our philosophy behind the Bryna less lethal is for more belligerent individuals who are more so confrontational in the sense of not an active threat to life and/or great bodily injury, but as in being harassing to repeal an actively aggressive individual attempting to close in who poses themselves AS a threat of great bodily injury. In order to control the situation.

No_Inglès187 says:

Jus a typical day in PleasantVille where yall get so Comfortable in a neighborhood where YOU DONT THINK u need to Lock your Doors or have Blinds up on the windows

Wayne A says:

Surprised you didn't mention the door being unlocked ! That would have been possibly all that was necessary to stop this invasion 🤷‍♂️

Wes' TECH says:

Palm trees in the video. Southern California for sure, around LA area. Homeless guy was probably and "undocumented person".

Sean Breheny says:

I have trouble accepting that opening an unlocked door is the same as breaking into a locked house. It's not right to barge in like this but I don't see using deadly force in such a case unless there is more of an indication that this is a crime (such as the person refusing to exit the house immediately)

gomcse says:

Pepper ball guns are illegal here in California. Not sure why the homeowner has that. From Byrnas web site, they admit to this with the following statement, which tells me the homeowner is an armed security guard or peace officer:

While normal citizens are not allowed to carry “tear gas” weapons which includes Byrna Max and Pepper Rounds, state law allows exemptions for certified security guards.

Central Coast Accountability says:

I thought those pepper bell launchers aren’t legal in California?

soulshadoww55 says:

What alternative universe do these people live in where you leave your door unlocked??? I've never lived in that fantasy world. It was drilled into our heads from as early as I can remember to always lock our doors. And to look out of the peep-hole to see who was knocking before we opened it. I don't care if a family member was expected soon. Lock the damn door and when they come get up off your lazy ass and open it.

David Meeker says:

You can see by the perps
body movements that he is under the influence of something or emotionally disturbed.
A good lesson for keeping your door locked.
I had an experience once where a drink guy entered my apartment thinking it was his friends. I quickly and forcibly removed him and have kept my doors locked since. 1985.

Richard Romero says:

I have a heavy duty security screen door for my house that has a keypad lock on it. It is always locked. Only those who belong here have the combination. This intruder has mental problems. Our society is not set up to give him the help that he needs. Here in California I doubt this would be a forcible entry simply because the door was not locked.

TheRotorhound says:

This is an old video. Homeowner could easily have been shot by guy with a real gun.

Kevin Joyce says:

Ole crack pot. Should have sent him to a different realm. Old gibberish speaker

Kyle Pruitt says:

Welcome to la

Alpha Male says:

I would prefer more lethal for home invaders.

LiberDBell says:

I would hate to live in a place where I'd have to be scared to defend myself because I might go to prison for it.. shame

Joe Blow says:

Well handled by the home owner

HisRoyalCarlness says:

Doors. There is this thing in them. Called a lock. Not the one that locks the knob. Magical thing called a "bolt." It integrates the door more thoroughly into the doorwell. Use it, every time… then you don't forget to use it. Took me years to get my sister be be consistent about that… as an adult, for some reason.

David Pratt says:

Confused methy. Could have been way worse.

Matias Silva says:

Look like he got him with a Duck Hunt gun!

F T says:

Nice, a mail in voter

bruce preston says:

I don't think a pepper ball launcher would be my first choice for stopping a home invasion! I could never live in California…

yokoshemp says:

Best not to shoot people if you can. Amazing over the years how many freaks I have had on my porch or snooping around the outside of my house. I live in the country off the road a ways so nobody "accidentally" finds themselves on my property. They do no like when you have a big dog and a gun. Maddie was the gentlest sweetest dog ever… but she was a pitbull and when she barked it sounded like business.

Just Saying says:

A worldwide state of immense fear leads to an increased incidence of mental issues resulting in aggressor and defender injury and death, justified and otherwise. So who are the real enemy?

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