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Self Defense Is Entrenched In Nigeria constitution – Bishop David Oyedepo – To subscribe to the channel: ——– Bishop David Oyedepo speaking on the recent killings in plateau state, Nigeria.


Adetutu Osilaja says:

You are just talking rubbish until you return the money all talking that you call prayer shall follow you because you are the demonic agent worrying Nigeria and it’s people

Gloria Marioghae says:

If CAN, the NCEF and Bishop Oyedepo, Daddy G.O and Apostle Suleiman can come together and agree to ban cow meat patronage and sell it to their congregations, and we follow suit, we will succeed and send a stronger message both physically and spiritually.

Okey Bkk says:

buhri knows what is doing and he is the one that backing fulani herdsman to kill Christian in Nigeria

Lazarus & Blessing Arewa voice sabon rai Songs says:

God pls have mercy on us in Nigeria and do something about this innocent blood in Jesus name Amen Amen Amen

Omon Omon says:

Amen!!! The blood of the innocent will fight

victor bakare says:

Amen in Jesus name

Horom Limited says:

MARK OUR WORD – If APC or PDP come back to power then Nigerians are really in trouble because these two corrupt parties are pulling their various strings and innocent lives are their casualties. Enough is enough no more APC nor PDP – we need change – takeitback so that Nigeria will begin to work for Nigerians – we are tired of recycle governance with their corrupt leadership and looting of our resources – young, brilliant, energetic, clear direction and people minded president is what we vote, full stop. Please don't just watch or write, take a step, join the move, get your PVC and effect this change we urgently need.

wind Ego Rainbow says:

Amen and amen and amen and amen

Joe Ogie says:

Heartless politicians has taken over Nigeria's government. The end of the wicked near. Thanks you pastor for speaking for the poor Nigerians who did not know their rights.

Ejiofor Peter says:

Prayer is very good but we need to do something about it by going in to politics, getting voters card in middle belt is a tough thing.

Raph Nwokobia says:

Buhari and his cohorts must face ICC for crime against humanity

Helptheworld ministry says:

Amen oooooo! Every evil, that is in our national we be died in the name of Jesus Christ our Lord.

Helptheworld ministry says:

Thanks dear daddy, Bishop, Oyedepo, we all love you sir. I really appreciate you dear wonderful. Sir, a big massive amen oooooo!

Hakeem Giwa says:

Every evil people unleashing attacks on innocent nigerians will never no peace, they shall be expose and disgrace and every so called man of God trying to play religion politics to divide Nigeria shall be brought to shame and disgrace because their contribution one side has affected the lives of their members,they have no program of support for members of their congregation and country than to personally enrich themselves through diabolical preaching and frame up miracles.

Akinyemi Amosu says:

Why are xtians still eating their demonic COW?

Emmanuel chima says:

Curse be on APC and their supporters!

Patience Atakpa says:

They are in trouble my Papa.

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