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Forced To Shoot And Charged With Murder (True Self Defense Story)

►[Gun GIVEAWAY] Enter To Win Here: Finding yourself in a deadly self-defense situation is a nightmare for any responsibly armed American. But what if you were forced to shoot your attacker only to find yourself at the mercy of a spiteful criminal prosecutor? Oregon resident Luke Wirkkala lived that nightmare and spent eight years in prison before his exoneration at a retrial. Watch as Luke describes this harrowing legal ordeal. 00:00 Luke Wirkkala was jailed for eight years after shooting a man who was trying to strangle him. 00:57 Luke has some simple advice for viewers. 01:07 What happened when Luke was questioned by police in Bend, Oregon? 01:37 Luke talks about his experience at his first trial. 02:59 An aggressive prosecutor can cast doubt on evidence presented before a jury. 03:42 Luke’s ordeal came at a catastrophic personal price. 04:22 Luke could not believe the statements made by the presiding judge at his bail hearing. 06:49 What charges were leveled against Luke at his retrial in 2021? 07:21 Conclusion. #uscca #selfdefense #oregon ————————- [URGENT] Attention Gun Owners: ————————- Want the same peace of mind enjoyed by hundreds of thousands of responsibly armed Americans like you? Join the USCCA + REVEAL your FREE bonuses ►


ABC XYZ says:

Wow so there’s no justice in this world

Riley Senn says:

That’s a tough dude it takes a strong will to do what he did. Not only is it hard for spouses when their significant other goes to prison but it’s often very difficult for loved ones to understand why you won’t take the plea just to come home sadly they take it as them being less important to you than whatever is stopping you from taking the plea.

Methuselah says:

Fake news. He’s alive. If I thought it was death of me or the other guy and me going to prison for the rest of my life then I will take the later.

Mark Briehl says:

Cop's and Robber's do worse.

Mark Briehl says:

What about open carry in a motor vehicle?

Southern Nevada offroading and back country says:

I hope he sued the state for wrongful conviction!!

¡saac says:

This story makes me so scared and sad, wow those prosecutors should serve double the time he did for wrongfully taken 8 hours off an innocent mans life.

Richard Barnhart says:

You have to be a hardened career criminal with 20 felony convictions of you want to get carefully coddled and cuddled by the corrupt clowns controlling the criminal justice system.

Family Man says:

Something that people never talk about is the reason why police officers automatically go on the offensive and do what they do yes they are doing a job but the more collars they get The better promotions and so on so there is an incentive for them to bust people It's all about accolades

Mark Stanchfield says:

Man got into trouble sitting been messing around with weapons

Joe P535 says:

Judge, prosecutors and detective were essentially working beyond the law, unlawfully.

tn says:

Don`t buy a cheap house.

William Tarpley says:

The sad part these district attorneys are untouchable

David A says:

In Soviet America: Self Defense is Murder
See also, Gulag Archipelago

rshveyda says:

Whether you carry or not, everyone should read "You Have the Right to Remain Innocent" by James Duane. The American justice system, it's prosecutors and law enforcement have long been predatorial in nature. Vague and overreaching laws are put on the books in such numbers that no lawyer, let alone civilian, could ever find, read and obey them all. Our justice system has lost it's way, when cops are trained to lie and use every dirty trick in the book to coheres confessions, misrepresent evidence and bringing in "experts" to outright lie on the stand to gain a conviction. Never, ever speak to a cop. Even with a good lawyer it will be an uphill battle to prove your innocence. And, with a skilled enough attorney, even the guilty often get acquitted. I'd love to believe that a trial uncovers the truth, but more often it's just a sign of who could afford the better attorney.

Collin Higgins says:

Mary Anderson has a Yelp page, she’s now in private practice, everyone should head on over there and drop a review letting potential clients know the hell she put this innocent man through.

Tony Yu says:

The judges and DAs should be jailed.

Tony Yu says:

Democrat DAs and judges are criminals.

dm7097 says:

So his advice is not to talk to investigators? But when he didn’t talk, the prosecutor went for blood.

Maxdog says:

I want a lawyer. Say nothing else! Police are NOT our friends. 8 yrs. destroyed for nothing! Sickening.

Shot Gun says:

Know how it feels. Happened to me a lot of times. I consider myself scard for life same reason I keep pro 2A. Thankfully for me I was never convinced and didn't come to the extent of murder. God is in control 🙏.

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