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‘For self-defense’: IDF chief admits Israel supplied Syrian rebels with weapons

The outgoing IDF chief of staff has spilled the beans on a poorly guarded secret of the Israeli military, that it has supplied Syrian rebels fighting President Bashar Assad’s government with weapons “for self-defense.” READ MORE: RT LIVE Check out Subscribe to RT! Like us on Facebook Follow us on VK Follow us on Twitter Follow us on Instagram Follow us on Google+ #RT (Russia Today) is a global #news network broadcasting from Moscow and Washington studios. RT is the first news channel to break the 1 billion YouTube views benchmark.


BaronVonTacocat says:

Sanction Israel.
Remove dual citizens from positions which require a security clearance.

M Ch says:

I am not surprised even a little: the planet's terrorist state #1 is supporting terrorists all over the world.

illiam Christian says:

None of this is new to anybody in the middle east. How do terrorists keep fighting for many years with the plentiful weapons and supplies like their enemies? No rocket science here. Every armed terrorist group in the middle east have supporters, every single one of them. They could not kill and destroy without a 100% aid from other countries outside of the conflict.

VG Vets says:


hello hello says:

Dogs. Pigs and Rats. That's all I can say about Israel.!!!

LombardMilitia says:

The world should annihilate "israel" for self-defense.

r .ra says:

Assad is indeed a Dictator but first let us behead the entire Saudi Terror Regime and their Rothschild cousins

Dominique Ray says:

God bless Israel❤️ 🇮🇱.
You find their god foretold in Ezekiel 38-39 that every nation against them. EXACTLY the same countries coming against them now …will attack and here’s a spoiler: Israel wins against all of them. I don’t know if god will use America to help but it clearly states… Russia Iran Kazakhstan Turkey and few others. Just like in the 6day war but worse. Israel will defeat Russia & Islam countries and the world will see who’s serving the one true god. I pray you repent because you cannot hate the Jews or be against the Jews and go to heaven.

Boycott Jewgle says:

Self defense and antisemitism. How long will the masses keep falling for this bs? Shoot someone in the face and scream self defense, see how long your freedom will last.

X ShockWaveAMG says:

Traitor exposed secrets

Ahura Mazda says:

Soon they’ll admit 9/11 too…

Scott Ewing says:

Israel is the worst country on Earth.

meFirst 1 says:

Terrorist supplying Terrorist with weapons of Mass Destruction!!!! We know who the terrorist are! We know. KILLERS MOVE IN SILENCE…….they coming!!!

tom conti says:

terrorists supplying terrorists, makes sense to terrorists, old chinese proverb.

materile2210 says:


Brian Petersen says:

Israel is Parasite on humanity !

nucdn says:

Israel needs to cease to exists for the sake of humanity.

Bad Cattitude says:

Israel would conquer the world in "self defense"

The Jew cries out…

Victoria Francois says:

Here's were your tax money went people

Peter Panino says:

Destroy the international Khazarian Mafia!

clarence midgett says:

Honestly, was there ever really any doubt

Neo E says:

The IDF, The ISIS, it all refers to the same thing in people's heads

Sheeple are Lame says:

Sanction ISRAEL

Terra white says:

I ❤🇮🇱

Mrs. says:

At this point I am never suprised by the corrupt actions of these parasites

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