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Female Jogger Fights Back Hard Against Kidnapper

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Alexander says:

You don’t want to get kidnapped in Omaha Nebraska, remember the Franklin cover up with all those devil worshippers and human sacrifice rituals? RIP whistleblower Ted Gunderson for exposing their crimes

Erin says:

She’s lucky it was only one person trying to snatch her.

Are You Ready says:

This is why I always walk with my pepper spray.

Season1 better2 says:

Used to be a time when you could pull over and say something nice to a female, not anymore. It’s things like this that make women very uncomfortable when even a good guy wants to talk or just ask a honest question.

Angel with the Phonebox [Angel Bear] says:

We also have the right to cross the street. Doesn't mean you're going to win when there are cars going 50mph. Be smart. Whether or not you OUGHT to be able to do something doesn't mean you SHOULD do it. Ladies, don't go out at night, especially not alone. Unless you want to be a potential target, I guess it's your choice.

adventure002006 says:

Terrifying ordeal for this young woman. Great that she fought with all she had.


I hope the kidnapper got burned up in court. 🔥🔥🔥

kucupapa says:

That plankton with the car should be put down like a rabbit dog…

Chad Roza says:

Hey john, I watch a lot of your videos. I'm wondering if you can do a video on this link right here.

Kalakauai123 says:

If she got the better on the kidnapper, she could have taken his car. Free car, y'all!

Mr Williams🎧🎵🎶🎤 says:

So happy she managed to fight off that scumbag.

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