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Felon Flees With Gun After Being Caught With No License Plate

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Derek Eastep says:

lil creeper ??? Thats how you cause even more division between the citizenry and law law enforcment Mike. Calling him that is so disrespectful to a deceased fellow human.. Thank god you were born white in the suberbs and not mexican in a la or you could have been born "lil creeper"

Mike in CO says:

TAPIFFS Threat is down? Accomplices? Partner ok? I – Am I injured? Firearm – Is my firearm still in the fight? Follow up actions- How can I stay safe? Seek help- Are police on the way?

forgottenman says:

a felon with a firearm is mere 'target' practice, leftists of course become 'unglued' over that, their 'love' affair with any and all who are criminals is legendary.

part and parcel of 'their' culture war with 'normal' folks…

Luckey Polishing says:

Great Job CA LEOs 🙏 you can tell they train , very disciplined.

Martin Whalley says:

Yeah yeah, you moved to Texas for the great school districts. The active shooter malls are everywhere. People drive from other states, just to murder in Texas.

gary g says:

He won't be a track star anymore

Eman FigFlo says:

You got good video BUT that beard needs to go lol.

kwongyeang says:

Not very long ago, we had to carry a separate phone, camera, navigation device, speech recorder, iPod etc, etc. Now its all integrated nicely into our smart phones. Surely, it can't be that long away that cops can have their comms devices all integrated into one light compact, ergonomic device – bodycam, radio, tracking devices, etc, etc.

Also, I don't live in this part of the world, but a quick look at the policies and California judicial practices – its mindboggling. Its so Pro-Crime that its just about a systemic conspiracy to endorse crime.

Mike Smith says:

A perfect ending

ur moms friend says:

“Little Creeper” frickin killlllled me yo🤣🤣🤣

Wayne says:

And yet another one bites the dust !👍

Sandra Connelly says:

Golly geez whiz a Felon with a Gun. Can't be, didn't He get the Memo from Gov. Newsome that's a No No. The Politicians and Justice refuse to do ANYTHING to curb the Epidemic of Crime both in General and Deadly Crimes in particular. How is that working for Americans, that's what I thought, it's NOT.

jorge garcia says:

Why do they both got to empty their clips though smdh… straight up over kill lol

SpartacusColo says:

GJ officers!

Cas Schmah says:

that was some quick shooting thanks for todays lesson

Jesus Benitez says:

I like how you guys just jump right into it. Great work as always!

Postedinthe Cut says:

rip little creeper

Charlie Paisa says:

Thank god that pebble was there to trip him up

Not So says:

They should’ve used the hot sauce. Now bee Lm and and tea pha gonna loot and burn. Ahh she-it.

John Calliope says:

Might as well just put a switch on that Glock and dump that mag a little faster.

james newberry says:

This is very common.

Ghost says:

The cemetery is full of criminals lately 🤦

Scott Preston says:

If he had served his entire sentence he would still be alive.

Ashen Shugar says:

One less oxygen thief in the world

thehal2000 says:

Officers did the public a service. If not that day then on a subsequent day that idiot would have caused injury or death to another. Should have been behind bars anyway.

_ ZAVALA says:

In my opinion, I thought that all those shots from the officer were a bit overkill, but if you don't want to be shot by officers, then just follow surrender…simply as that!

Jack Black says:

You guys shit all over CA as though it's homogenous. If you did live here John And Willie, you would know we're incredibly diverse. So stop slandering the whole state and pick on those urban centers, will ya! Otherwise, I love your work.

TKCoutside says:

Can’t believe it took that long to shoot a fleeing felon, with a firearm 🤷‍♂️

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