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Jogger Fights Back Against Attempted Robbery

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Benita W says:

I wonder if this guy was looking for trouble. Why are you jogging with obviously an expensive item in your hand and a gun in your pocket, in a dangerous area?

Benita W says:

It looks like he did not drop his phone, he tossed it to get the bad guy off of him, giving him time to get his weapon.

Grim Reefer says:

Hope a lifetime in wheelchair was worth that 1/3 of a used cellphone.. If he even got that..

Valen van Heerden says:

And this confirms it. It is way safer in front of the TV than being out jogging…

Joe Blow says:

Pretty bad when you can't go jogging without packing. Fucked up country

johan van der sandt says:

Oh look… My hometown making the news for all the wrong reasons again…

He wasn't exactly a jogger, he came from the city to visit his girlfriend. That particular area is extremely dangerous and we locals know it. I don't even go there when I'm packing as you are 80% likely to pick up trouble.

Sam Sum says:

With extreme prejudice .judge , jury and executioner .Cuts out the middlemen .

Herb Walker says:

Dedicated Jogger right THERE LOL
He keeps jogging IN place as he shoots and scans the area. Hahahaha

Matias Gutierrez says:

Funny how lead turns them into im sorry don't kill me then no words

Steel Hungry says:

South Africa you don't need to have a weapon for someone to shoot you just trying to rob someone can get you shot and chopped up

swampthing401 says:

I carry a Ruger LCP when I'm running in a belly band holster it's like it's not even there

Giovan G. says:

That guy got hit in the spine. His legs are out.

weerobot says:

0:42…"Surprise Mother F***er"…

ybbolb says:

You must really live in F up place if you need to carry a gun while jogging.

tinjarir says:

From experience I can say that a White guy jogging in Africa will attract unwanted attention, like it's an indicator of wealth. Strange but true. A treadmill in a gym is safer.

-Scorpionox - says:

I always laugh at idiots who decide to go for a jog near major roads. Any cardio benefits you may have gotten from jogging is negated by all of that exhaust you're breathing in. At least he had the good sense to carry a firearm while jogging in SA as a white guy.

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