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Drunk Idiots Get Ugly Outside Of A Bar

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Myles Platt says:

When someone tells you all men are toxic…remember this video. The SECOND he laid hands on the woman here…20-30 men were dogpiling him and beating the ish out of him.

RCE says:

When you pointed out the “young woman” at the begging I thought it was some sorta stone cold Steve Austin with an extruded head 😂

Y Allen- McGinty says:

Woulda done him worse in Kansas City

Dirt Diggler says:

I need to take another class. Great idea.

dirtwhisperer says:

My question is why do women think they can fight full grown men now. What was she even trying to do.? There were 10 guys there taking care of the problem. She's lucky she didn't die.

G Y says:

I worked in a bar for 10 years and this is something I've seen a hundred times and I've even gotten into arguments with my own female friends because they want to step into the hooch and make noise when it's about to pop off and I tell them to GTFO for this EXACT reason… Ladies, if you don't know what you're doing, please stay out of the way you will only make things 10 times worse because when a guy hits another guy MEH.

Lyrical Notes says:

It’s not a good idea to walk up on someone who just knocked one guy almost out with one punch. You can’t think someone isn’t going to hurt you because you’re of the “vulnerable population”That’s another rule of stupid.

Robert Nickels says:

I was a bouncer about 5 years ago and a guy hit me in the face with a beer bottle. It caused me a frontal brain bleed. I ended up in a coma for a month.

trebor Washington says:

Stupid prizes for everyone!

Busy kid24 says:

That “don’t go to stupid places with stupid people at stupid times” are words that just ring so well I wish alot more people would pay attention to that lol

Manuelventura Cendejas says:

Where's mike w.

GRB Major says:

"3 o'clock in the morning at the bar…….."

What could go wrong?

sim1tti says:

John, how would you prevent someone from stealing your property without using or at least threatening to use deadly force? You frequently hammer this point –like today with your opening remark – but I'm missing any suggestion from you on how to "enforce those boundaries."

Zed Moe says:

Most women assume what their daddy told them as a little girl applies in the real world. It doesn't. Men will absolutely punch you.

Murphy Pendleton says:

Don't play with the boys if you're not prepared for what comes next

Havoc Herseim says:

Too many women try to enter fights. They don't belong there. Their job is starting the fight, not fighting.

Dimitri Litovsk says:

This is a crazy video. Glad the community brought a potluck even if he got away. Also, vigilante Justice is satisfying but risky so if you follow the guy and wanna Stay anonymous, just ask someone else to report it

Dave C says:

Alcohol and belligerence.. not a great combo… let's hope BeerDude gets some jailtime..

Ty Goodman says:

This is why i hate bars and never go to them cause there always some loser "tough" guy wanting to start problems

Powder hound says:

Good rule to live by. If you do not want to get hurt get away from the drama

Davey Joseph says:

Kudos to the drunk vigilante

Caliado says:

Bless the deserving🌶

The Nasty says:

Seeing him getting the boot treatment by at least 6 people filled my heart with joy.

I bet he avoids bars for a while after getting out of prison. 😂

Professor Swaggamuffin says:

Im not usually in favor of vigilantism but this was honestly very satisfying to watch.

Sek Ranger says:

Not sure how many women watch this channel. Because this vid is a real good example for how not to try to stop a fight.

DeezVideos says:

I’m glad I don’t drink anymore. I stopped drinking because as I got older I got more aggressive when alcohol was in my blood

MazingerZ says:

Sometimes you really have to think carefully which battles you want to fight. I understand that these workers might get their pay docked for these lowlifes who refuse to pay but man, the dollar amount isn’t worth the pain, trauma and hospital bill. Remember their faces, let them go and if they come back call the police. The young waitress made a bad call that time and she got 20 stitches for that. Good thing she didn’t lose her life.

Taylor Black says:

Yeah this guy was a total scum bag, disgusting behavior, we need more village justice 🎉

esther12q says:

Remember, pokers are hard to see on camera and in person.

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