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Officer Does Everything He Can To Help Disoriented And Dangerous Man

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@ActiveSelfProtection says:

Hey all, the lesson for today (June 5th) isn't posting because we have had the bots strike a short from the other day with a fight that got out of hand. I appealed, hopefully they'll reinstate it, but there is no telling. This is a reminder to sign up for the ASP Unlimited app because this is why we launched it. Ugh. I hate this.

@sandrinbentz says:

in Germany -Mannheim war ein schwerer und für einen Polizisten tödlicher Messerangriff…alles auf Video , würde mich mal interessieren ob ihr diesen Fall analysieren könnten. Grüsse aus Deutschland

@carlosruizberrocal4162 says:

Thanks for the videos and analysis they're always very interesting! It would be great if you do a video about the terrorist attack in Germany a week ago.

@mareksz6525 says:

Why did he pass away?

@Whoisreal666 says:

I was wondering what took my fedex package to deliver

@TheDAVE858 says:

That was very sad. Great job by all responders.

@duckweathermcoc8731 says:

Hey yo John KOREA where’s my daily dose of ASP!!!!! Wake up John 🇰🇷 🇰🇵!!!!!

@MH69s says:

Hope ASP team are alright❤ just sending out there as there is no video today

@philippicphilodox888 says:

This is a very important video. There is a movement to prohibit law enforcement from using the term "excited delirium" in official reports. The thinking is that police are using that term as a loophole to avoid excessive force charges when subjects die in police custody. This video completely debunks that assertion. The absolute minimum amount of force was used, yet the subject still passed away. This was not the fault of law enforcement or EMS, it was the fault of all of us for not demanding a complete reform of the mental health care system in the US. But, sadly, even if there were riots over this incident, I doubt things would change. They would rather pretend that first responders never have to deal with those experiencing a mental health crisis than address or even acknowledge the problem.

@joeyandlucas2013 says:

This Officer is the Example of how to Serve the Citizens I hope every Law Enforcement Officer is able to see this footage Amazing !!

@jeffserafini8512 says:

imagine dying with no one that loves you nearby and in handcuffs.

@alterreels says:

Hey where’s today’s vid (5 June)? 😉

@Aguyfrom225 says:

Fedex: “we didn’t stop when the pandemic was over. We are still helping.”

@poussinmoumoute says:

En fait il fesait un AVC je pense

@Littlefoot. says:

06:30 white car needs a ticket 😂

@LordYggdrasill says:

For a moment there, I thought there was gonna be a shootout inside the ambulance.

@rachll7904 says:

Thanks for showing this. Simply humans trying to help human. God bless them all.❤❤❤ 🙏


@01:35 🤔"WHY" Would you ever do this 2 be your life?😷F-Ed UP is the A-hole parked on the island ???out of there mind …

@ruthless8058 says:

So what caused his death?

@nightstick8443 says:

Sadly this happens daily in Chicago

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