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Defender Has Enough Attitude To Survive

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SamofCR says:

She had a foot. He had a set of balls. Women, LEARN THIS SHIT.
This is life or death, there are NO rules. Whatever you do to destroy this POS is fair game.
And by destroy, I mean cripple or KILL.

Carlos Vreal says:

What kind of purse was that? That thing was strong!

phxazdude arizona says:

We dont give a fuck about a thot gettin her purse snatched. We wanna see people puttin holes in garbage


I took some serious punches in Tae Kwon Do, but all of the thousands of sparring fights in Tae Kwon Do never prepared me for overcoming the shock value of a much weaker punch that occurs on the streets when I am dealing with the ruffians in Transit. There is no bowing before a fight on the street. There is no beep to let me know things are about to go down. It just happens. And we just have to get in the game that quick.

Jay Coy says:

To answer your question John, when I was a senior in high school, (1980) I got sucker punched in the nose while putting my books into my locker. Later that day, I spent six hours in surgery getting the bone pieces assembled back together, because since the punch came from the side, my nasal bones ended up having to be retrieved from under my left cheek. Believe it or not, I won the fight, even though that guy was bigger than me, and had done pretty good work with his first punch:)

Jay Coy says:

That lady is tough as nails. If she ever gets training, and also starts carrying some weapons, then muggers beware, you're going to get hurt!

Steve Penczak says:

That chic looks like she could suck a baseball through a garden hose, she's tough.

SoRAD Stunts says:

Way too many ads/plugs. Just show the video and do a quick review.

Melissa Ruiz says:

I'd just give it up

Sahra Jola says:

I answered the poll question "no" but I also don't carry a purse. It's just too much of a hassle for me.

Brad C says:

Wow….this lady has HEART! She willed herself through this with absolutely zero training/fighting skills. She doesnt even run after its over….just goes and plops down on the sidewalk and he runs off defeated! Looks like even the coward bystanders razz the guy as hes leaving. Dude just didnt want that purse as bad as her! Obviously get training but major props to her for being FIERCE!

Leroy Jankins says:

One of the most important things in self defense is the unwillingness and mental fortitude to not be a victim

Ressurrectio says:

My kind of woman, I dont date sheep.

frank frank says:

Yippee, a brand new republican!!!!! Welcome. Tell all your lady friends about your experience.

frank frank says:

HOW ABOUT…phony wallet, phony cell, phony keys inside a phony purse? Use a secret belly or thigh wrap to hold them. I know, i know, you must check your phone every 17 seconds!!!

Austin Ngene says:

No one is coming to save you. “Nice one John”

Mookie Spindlehurst says:

One big difference among the uncountable differences in animals and humans is that no animal on
the face of the earth, given a scenario like this, is going get into a position where the physically weaker of the two, especially of a different species or sub species, is going
to get anywhere NEAR the other, much
less try to just barely brush by them to avoid them when they are eyeballing them on a direct route to them!
Just one more hole poked in the credibility of the notoriously off-base "theory of evolution,"
which is not even a theory, but something far less weaker, a hypothesis. Hypo means "less than."
Thesis means "thought." Ergo, a hypothesis is LESS THAN THOUGHT!

Shamdy Crook says:

How to know when to be extra alert? Give em the melanin challenge.

Equate Bond says:

I think you deleted my comment. jk = just kidding. John, it was a harmless joke!

I'm too stupid to pour piss out of a boot says:

what's wrong with your finger on your left hand?

Fernando Iglesias says:

Her ancestors are from the Amazon

Duane Stephens says:

As a much younger man I trained extinsively boxing and judo. I've been in a number of hand to hand conflicts back before people immediately went for a gun and just shot you.

Duane Stephens says:

This is something I will talk to my wife about. She has a lot of attitude but lacks physical ability to back it up.

Memphis Raines says:

She had that proper thickness though

Ghirardelli says:

those people are cowards they outnumber and didn't help

The Deans says:

Gouge the eyes, kick them in the balls

james riggs says:

I was waiting for her to kick him in the balls.

apache0060 says:

Cowards , just swoop on that guy , blind side him , sucker punch him, hit in the head with a rock , she’s a hottie might get her digits after , Man Up !!! , that could be your mother or your sister and if it goes bad at least u left a lion not a sheep !!!

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