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NewSight Reverse/Inverted Double-Layer Waterproof Straight Umbrella, Self-Standing & C-Shape Handle & Carrying Bag for Free Hands, Inside-Out Folding for Car Use (Apple Red)

NewSight US is the ONLY official seller of “NewSight” brand.

Have you ever got into troubles in rainy days?
1. For mothers, how to hold an umbrella when having a baby in arms?
2. For passengers, how to avoid making others wet when you jump on a crowded bus or subway with an umbrella?
3. For drivers, how to prevent the umbrella from getting your car seats wet when you get in?
4. For businessmen, how to make a phone call when you lift a briefcase?
5. For students, how to play with smartphones when holding an umbrella and a bag at the same time?

Innovative Designs Help You Out Of These Troubles:

C-shape Hand Grip: Holding an umbrella with your wrist, you can free your hands to use your cell phone, or even hold a baby.

Dual Layer Design: Successfully prevent car seats from getting wet, or avoid making other passengers wet when standing close on the bus or subway.

Reverse Opening and Folding Design: It opens and closes in a reverse way compared to common umbrellas, so that you will hardly get wet when you get in/off a car.

Stand Up On Its Own: Easy to place, it can stand up on its own when closed, saving much space for you.

Water Repellent Fabric: Protect you from rain, strong wind, snow, drip permeation and ultraviolet, etc.

Product Name: NewSight Reverse/Inverted Umbrella
Fabric Material: Double-layer high-density water repellent fabric
Rib Material: High hardness skeleton
Control: Manual

Package Including:
1 X NewSight Umbrella
1 X Carrying Bag/Sleeve
1 X PVC Zipper Bag

If you are not 100% satisfied with our umbrella, please feel free to contact us.
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Product Features

  • UV Protection: With dual layers of pongee fabric, it has excellent anti-ultraviolet (UPF>50+) effect and light transmittance is ZERO, which keeps strong sunlight and UV rays away from users.
  • Inside-Out Folding: It folds and unfolds in an inverted/reverse direction, which helps users stay dry when they get in/off a vehicle, especially practical for drivers who can also keep this folded umbrella dry inside their vehicles.
  • Self-Standing: It can totally stand on its own without an umbrella stand. Users can place it firm on ground of a bus, metro, home, office, supermarket, etc., which may probably free your hands.
  • C-Shape Handle: Handles have been upgraded to fit wrists in a more comfortable way. Users find it easy to use this umbrella by having wrist across the C-shape handle, so as to spare both hands for other purposes.
  • Durability & Warranty: 210T pongee fabric and fiberglass ribs are main materials of this umbrella, and we also provide a warranty of at least 12 months. (No return is required, please contact seller for details: [email protected])


Anonymous says:

I never knew I needed this umbrella There are so many things about this umbrella that are well designed. I never knew umbrellas could be so well made.The handle is very convenient, having a hand free (especially in the smart phone era) is HANDY.Although opening the umbrella is not spring loaded or automatic, it’s one of the smoothest and easiest umbrellas to open and close. The inside of the umbrella hides a lot of the mechanical parts from you, so you never get your hair caught and plucked!My…

Anonymous says:

– Reverse Folding is really awesome for getting into a car or crowded locations I have mixed feelings about this umbrella.PROS:- Reverse Folding is really awesome for getting into a car or crowded locations, as you will not stab people when closing it. It also means that you won’t get wet if you swipe yourself with it after closing because it is dual layer and the orange fabric will remain dry and be the exterior when folded.- if you release the strap, this thing is self standing when folded. This is uber awesome if your in a restaurant that…

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