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Counter The Most Common Punches – Self Defense

If someone is going to strike you it’s likely to be one of these three punches. Learn how to counter each attack for self defense. #selfdefense #selfdefence #martialarts #attack #boxing #wingchun #kevingoat #punchdefense


Danny Doughboy says:

Trouble with a fight, there is not going to be this super clean straight punch, like shown in the video. That looks clean and pretty, but a real fight, you are going to have swinging wild punches coming from every direction….This could be effective in a few certain scenarios, however far and few between.

Vincent Lafranchi says:

Sir, this is beautiful. Thank you.

Do you prefer the body blow as the counter? (I assume because it has a higher percentage of landing + it buys time.)
I've been focused on throat chin, but I like the idea of stealing their breath while loading a counter.

I also respect the fact that you drive the message home. ESCAPE THE SITUATION AS FAST AS POSSIBLE. using the feet to get out of there is a great tactic to extend one's life expectancy.

Dark Light says:

Nothing like YouTube martial arts……

Bruce Huddler says:

Good explanation Kevin, great Video TY

assoverteakettle says:

If you're in a street fight or self-defence situation (hopefully the latter) and the bad guy puts up a proper high guard and knows how to throw a jab then you know you got your work cut out of you!

OV4 says:

Thanks for the video another banger to help in real life situations, but sounds like you have a cold 🤧 so get some rest KG.

Steve Sither says:

That Kevin.. great info man.

Watchman4Today Reloaded says:

My knee cartilage has given up the fight, so I ain't runnin'

James Koester says:

Thank you master…another great lesson for those of us who are either getting to old to run or too lazy to train…if Ive learned anything, it's to try being a lot more aware of my surroundings, and I don't always have to be a hero.

TheReysinhell says:

ty man. shared to my family and hopefully this will give them an idea of how to get away from situations like this.

New Ant says:

love ur videos straight to the point without fluff

Jan Boron says:

He goes jab, you punch low and than you can punch him with wing chun without trading one to one. You need to shift your balance to leading leg, with this your "cross" is on short linear trajectory and he needs to op for like haymaker to catch you and you still are able to block it with. It is shorter less steps, but yeah I am playing with details now.

FlyLord says:

Thanks, Kevin! Love your work!

David Perkins says:

Unfortunately not all of us have access to a martial arts class. The closest one for me is 1 hour away.

Milos Pesic says:

Great showing Kevin 😀💪

red ryder says:

Thank you for the lesson Kevin. I will share this with my loved ones keep up the outstanding work.!!!!

[Æ.D.] says:

Side Stepping Is A Key Part

Jonathon Ward says:

Excellent, APU! Thank you.👊🙏☯

Ivan Pena says:

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Ivan Pena says:

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Ivan Pena says:

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Ivan Pena says:

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PaulJacksonOttawa says:

Great video. Please keep them coming Sir 👍

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