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Ultimate Self Defense Championship: Episode 2 Breakdown

You can watch episode 2 here: Go watch the entire series on @MartialArtsJourney featuring @SenseiSeth @RamseyDewey @MMAShredded @realitycheckselfdefence7840 and me! Online courses on martial arts and self defense: Get hard2hurt merch here! Please consider supporting hard2hurt and get exclusive content available only on Patreon. Follow Mike: Facebook: Twitter: Instagram: My Kit: Podcast: Music: Title Song is Lying Low Royalty Free music by


Sensei Seth says:

You cut out the part where I said β€œI only felt like I wanted to quit for like 5 seconds” πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚ why does everyone keep cutting that?!

Dida Godiva says:

You guys are rocking it I Love watching you all and being real thank you so much I enjoy all your videos and trying to learn

TheImmortalJedi says:

I think yelling and screaming at someone triggers adrenaline so that's probably why it makes u fight better but I ain't a expert

Parjesh R says:

i want to be in a video with you one day

ropongi100 says:

It looks like you guys had fun

Bob Dabutcha says:

Basics win fights and keep you protected. I love that aspect in the drills.

Astranix 01 says:

Yelling and cussing at your opponent makes you fight better not because you're intimidating the enemy, but because it gives you a safe way to release your nerves during the fight, while giving yourself a morale/adrenaline boost at the same time.

talhah azher says:

to be fair i never realized how big rokas was until i saw him next to everyone

B. Water says:

That was great πŸ˜ŽπŸ‘

I commented in the beginning that these clashes all ended up in grappling,
BUT the gloves and protective gear have a lot to do with that.
Similarly, if you're a striker and have a friendly spar with a grappler,
he'll get hold of you eventually because you're not looking to do damage.

Gatlink says:

Watching videos with the both of you is a joy, you have such good chemistry! I hope you'll debrief every episodes!

captain beaver_man says:

Yelling made you fight better? Karate kiai maybe???

Kyle Jeffers says:

Finally the knife kick gets some

Jamie London says:

Meh, your technique looks really sloppy, at the end of a gruelling exercise, fighting several opponents. πŸ˜‰

Graham says:

I also think there was way more grappling because you cant really hit people witn those helmets on.

Daniel Ruiz Pimentel says:

How many videos about Ramsey are there πŸ˜‚

Its ya Boy says:

I am from Australia, earlier I saw you uploaded a video when I was at the shops I made sure to grab a bag of chips to enjoy whilst I watched your video.

Thanks Mike you're a legend.

Jacob says:

I want to see the Icy Mike Invitational Self Offense Championship. Hire actors from a local talent agency to walk from Wal Mart entrance to their car and whoever can beat and rob them of the most valuables, in the fastest time, with the fewest witnesses able to positively identify wins.

Ivalid321 says:

I loved the kick knife disarm, but I would be scared of potentionally cutting the legs I would need to run away when I have a chance.

BMO Creative says:

I thought you guys did awesome considering there was a huge lack of expectation and instruction!

Johnny Shiao says:

If you look at Dewey Ramsey's video in regards to Jeff Chan's knife fight, apparently the only reason Jeff lets go of the knife is he was told, "You have to do some damage."

Derek VanDenburg says:

I thought the most over looked technique from this episode was sensi Seth kicking the knife guy with the big back leg roundhouse kicks. The knife guy ate those kicks and backed away. I found that rather significant as kicks in street fights and self defense always get a bad rap. The guy with the weapon stopped, backed off and did not want any of those kicks. Pretty amazing.

GlitchyRijndael says:

You saying that you and Seth compete has cemented in my head the vision of you two as Legolas and Gimli.

The height difference is there and even the nice dwarfy beard. It’s perfect.

D W says:

Love the series and the breakdowns. Thanks guys. Great stuff.

john _ says:

Have i missed a whole bunch of vids of you guys breaking the episodes down? This stuff is awesome wtf!!!

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