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Carjacking Defense – Krav Maga Technique – KMW Krav Maga Self Defense w/ AJ Draven & ‪‬ 1-800-KRAVMAGA With Host AJ Draven – ‪‬ Watch as our Host, 3rd Dan Black B…


Raul Garcia says:

Could you please make an experiment to hold the pistol and shoot at the
same time when your left hand is holding the back of the pistol…because i
dont know what will happend to your left hand when the pistol will be fire
it … and btw try also a .50 revolver and hold the cylinder with your hand
…(please dont do it you can be hurt )

Arturo Salomon says:

Nice!! I know what to do now haha thank yoy

Andrew Hewitt says:

Cool video, would love to know the defence if the jacker approaches more
from dead side (6-9 o’clock rather than 12-9).

paul kleine says:

Inside Defense, Outside defense. I love it!

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