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Bystander Uses Tool To Hold Bandit Until Police Arrive

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All men prepare your battle rifle for coming war says:

The mentality of anti-gun or unarmed citizen is when someone is
attacking them, they want someone to help them, & have mercy
on them (victims), & they want the guys who were trying to help
them to fight their attackers. Then the victims don't
care anymore what would happen on the guys who help
them. When there is a case in the superior court, its not
their problem anymore. They would always say, I'm

kazumo maeda says:

Should have shot that idiot…lucky for the dumbass

Larry Booth says:

A note to all anti 2 amendment advocators. A gun is worth 10 cops on the phone. That poor lady was a victim from the minute he walked in the door. He strikes you! SHOOT HIS ASS.

avalanchesoul says:

That knee of fellowship gave me a huge belly laugh. Nice

hardlines4 says:

I hope that guy kneed some of that piece of shit’s teeth out!!!

mooky says:

Feel bad for the clerk, but how about you stay and help out the guy who helped you. Jeez.

Drew D***** says:

The "Right Knee of Fellowship". 2:43

Karl Karlsson says:

In Sweden the good hero guy would be arrested and sentenced to prison.

1oldbluesheepdog says:

Another great analysis. "The right knee of fellowship"….or "The peoples elbow".

Mentally Challenged Viking says:

I have never seen an obese person run so fast..

MrLimbei123 says:

Good guy not charged? Of cos! If anything he should be rewarded. He is a hero.

Alex Lopez says:

God bless her & God bless him for being there

NK Community Patrol Watch says:

Kids be like, “that’s my Dadddy!”

David Solomon says:


Duane Stephens says:

The perp wasn't nearly as tough with a man in his face.

Dra O says:

Great way to subdue a feral animal. Why the criminal can’t be beat with the same number of head/body blows the cashier was dealt is baffling.

Mark says:

Where's the CNN and MSNBC cover of this? Link in description please.

N B says:

And another good guy with a gun saves the day.

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