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Bullpen Therapy – Percentage Vs CPM | Driver Self Defense | Free Suge Knight

Bullpen Therapy. We discuss Percentage Vs CPM Driver Protection, Free Suge Knight, and random foolery.


Cookin' With James says:

im new to your channel. coming over from lyle at no hippie bbq!! channel looks cool!

Cory Scott OTR says:

Percentage is better but being a company driver you never know if you're getting the true percentage.

Road Dawg says:


haroldlm64 says:

Another good one!πŸƒπŸ‚

The W says:

3000Γ—.27 whatever your percentage is take the load gross and multiply by .27 or . Whatever

Gary Price says:

Freeze some paint balls that shit hurts so bad..



C Havens says:

And brown, Especially in Dallas

Big Daddy says:

That shooting shit is scary , these trucks are dam near paper thin , these idiots think because you're a truck driver you have lots of money on you ! Stay safe bro

R Matos271 says:

Do him like Harlem night Pinkey toe

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