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British Officers Get Caught Up In Crazy Vehicle Encounter

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David Green says:

That big guy had so many Tazer wires hanging from him he looked like Gullliver on the beach after being captured by the Lilliputians or The Whale after its final encounter with Arab.

Balloaks says:

Who needs guns when you simply shout: "STOP, OR I'LL SHOUT STOP AGAIN!!!"

John Carter says:

Very few cops carry firearms, 1gun / at 100, But small crooks don't have firearms either. very few shooting incidents between police and crooks. the penalty for gun possession is very high in the UK. only the super tough criminals have a weapon. but you have the super hard police for that. also with a lot of shooting power. what is wisdom like the UK or The US

Sharky's Machine says:

Lethal force would have been more appropriate and would have saved injuries from others!!

da quigley says:

He only tryed this cus he thought he would get away and not shot

HondaBrandy says:

Not sure where to post this, but this concealed carry holder that carried at work protected his asp an it happened in my city:

irishlockpicker says:

If that had happened in Northern Ireland , the cops would have started shooting the second the car started to move , It's weird that in one part of the UK the cops are allowed to carry guns on them at all times but in England , Scotland and Wales they are not allowed

J Richards says:

Prime example of not thinking outside the box because you have taser does not mean it’s the best option pepper spray and simply taking the keys from the car would have prevented this escalation also looks like a case of red mist and everyone wants to be the one to taser him , too many chiefs not enough Indians

JokesRJokes says:

The bad guys don't look like locals………..

JokesRJokes says:

Was that gun at the end on a leash?

Colin Toft says:

The cop with the taser also didn't put his handbrake on 😂

Urbicide says:

Saudi Arabia deals with thieves by chopping off a hand. UK needs to hire some Saudi law enforcement.

ohsuchislife brudenell says:

he got a £50 fine and dont do it again you silly fella

JJ ESW says:

Guns are good !

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