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Brave Little Boy Fights Like a Lion to Protect His Family

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J Poppa says:

He is a future Officer for sure God bless him

allahu ackbar says:

They were stealing bread

daniel Sibley says:

Cool little dude, hope he stays on the good path because he has the courage for a great life.

Jim Ziogas says:

Lionhearted boy needs to suit up. Join the good guys son, or risk becoming one of the bad

Chris Carson says:

Didn't seem like the door was locked.

Trent Davis says:

If you’re friends with detective dalton or anyone at Phoenix PD you should eat your gun

Old School Gamer VR says:

footage must be hard to find if you are showing years old footage!

Peter Batten says:

Even as a child, his heart was of a warrior and responding with only knowing his family was in imminent danger and needed help. God bless his young soul and the family is safe.

hien nguyen says:

These Black guys would make their parents so proud of them!! What a wonderful job their parents did in raising them!!

hien nguyen says:

That little kid will remember this, and will hate Blacks all of his life! They had better look out!!
Some Blacks are gonna get it good!!

SimplyOrange537 says:

And some idiot will ask why you carry a gun while ironing your clothes in your living room.

Wulfseig says:

You go little dude! An awesome fighting spirit I hope he never loses.

Novanglian M says:

That little boy is blessed.

The last Daydreamer says:

Get that 5 year old a pistol.

Phil MC says:

Anyone else heart skip a beat when John said “unfortunately”

Kelas 5 KOMANDO says:

Those so call teenagers should be shoot to death. Saving tax

Sl33PY3Y3Z97 says:

Am I the only one bothered by that crooked painting on the wall? At first I thought it happened in the scuffle, maybe someone bumped into it.. but no it's like that the whole time lol

jamin jimmy says:

When that little boy grows up and has a family..nobody better mess with them!

Johnny 34 says:

“Why would anybody need more than 10 rds in their clip”?…. The most obvious example is home invasion robbers.

Gus Mc says:

Yet politicians want to limit the number of rounds we, law-abiding citizens, can have knowing full well criminals don't follow laws by definition…

DreadNought says:

Yet the media: crickets…

Omega Thirteen says:

So many of these “police are still looking for them” cases lately on ASP.

BRUTUS says:

100% Going to grow up to be a Police Officer or Millitary.

YPL Y.O. says:

Kid has a future in martial arts and possibly police work. Bravo kid

Sam Perez says:

"Theres something in your heart
Endless in your eyes
Its the fire, inside you
Let it burrrn"


Oh, it's these trash human beings again. I'm glad the family is ok.

Jericko Doggo says:

Common in the area for kids to do home invasion? Some one needs to start blasting little dudes and the DA needs to defend self defenders at home. Fk it if they are 14. They are pointing loaded guns at your family. Blast their faces in…

Jake PK Rio says:

That boy will surely be youngest ASP member

william budka says:

robber are so lucky they choose unarmed houses to rob…they would have been swiss cheese entering my home lmao.

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