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Best Gray Man Self-Defense Tool | Unbreakable Tactical Umbrella

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I AM MOOSE says:

You will have the one from kingsman next, that actually shoots. Thanks wouldn’t like to be on the wrong end of that.

John lam says:

That neck hooking looks hella effective.

WarGrrl3 says:

Lovin the umbrella

kenny cadarett says:

pull out a glock model 17 full auto and shoot the cheese dick in the balls    then unload the rest of the clip on him or his buddies    screaming out make my day assholes !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Leslie Kovacs says:

Yep, just an Umbrella.

Harrison's survival videos says:

Dude your wife is awesome

Tony Patey says:

Pretty cool, great idea. Thanks. Tony

Seth H says:

Can your wife teach me the art of fighting umbrella style lol 😂

Happily Ever Outdoors says:

I love the fact that this is a thing. There is some old man somewhere that somebody is going to be verrry sorry they missed with. Lol!

Tom Sawyer Piper says:

Seems like a good option for discrete self defense. Something else to consider is a walking cane, or walking stick. Same concept, just won’t keep you dry.

Leslie Kovacs says:

Hey, when it's a Rainy Day, who is going to set up an Umbrella Checkpoint to ensure that your Rain Gear isn't a Weapon? You and CP has me sold.

goldenbones3 says:

worst acting eveeeeeeer

pigmanjojo says:

I like the family involvement !

Alec Shane says:

Keep getting a security warning on site that https isn't setup properly and secure. Tried multiple browsers now website is down. PSA be careful buying from this website.

Jimmy J says:

I have had the Unbreakable Umbrella for little over a year and it has worked out great. When I first got it, I was skeptical because it felt no more durable than a regular umbrella. So I tried hitting it on thick carpet rolls in the garage. Good strike with no bend to it. The umbrella is also more durable in stronger winds than a regular umbrella as far as turning inside out. My only complaint is that the button is either too large, in the wrong spot, or too easy to depress. The umbrella would open at times when just holding the handle, it's minor and I just had to make it a habit to keep the velcro strap on when it's closed.

Gene TAYLOR says:

All and all the price isn't all that high for what I would say is indestructible.

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