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Backfist – Hammer – Punch – Self Defense Techniques

Backfist – Hammer – Punch 👊 Self Defense Techniqes 🙏 Professor David James Contact Us Here: [email protected] Our Online University: Our Facebook Channel: Our Instagram Channel:


Steve Chan says:

Professor James! You are the man! I did many Martial Systems and in the context of their time they worked. Some still do. KunTao and Silat do. However, where do we find instructors for these who are there to teach us and we live with limited resources too. As I get older I find my body not so healthy and not so fast. Tong Long Pai ( 7 Star Mantis) is my family Art as well as KunTao and Silat since Mantis has no lower body movement so by virtue one must learn a Kung Fu that does then Tong Long Pai. What I am trying to say is I have experience in Combatives and YOU distill it down to where there is no BS. I am taking Goju Ryu Karate with my son who is 13 and we do KunTao, Silat, and Danzan Jujitsu and Bladed weapons that we can't use on the Streets without being shot by the Police! I feel Goju Ryu is wasting my time as elements seem incomplete and we are doing forms and conditioning without any real objective or combative applications? The instructor follows tradition of Bowing and etc., and Ancestor Worship by Bowing to Chōjun Miyagi? Who cares? Chōjun Miyagi was taught by Liu Long Cong in Fukien Province do I bow to him too? To much tradition and no substance and it has no real applications and most Karate taught in America are McDojos and the scams are all over the place. I have a contract for 10 months of stuff that will NOT WORK! I get more RAW information from YOU for us old or out of shape people than from the local Karate School or BJJ Jujitsu School where weapons and sneak attacks are not considered. Going to the ground with Ne Waza is fine on school grounds, but against a man with a knife or a gun or drugged out HUGE Mentally Ill person will just end me and worse. I will never see it coming as I am am not healthy anymore to do these Arts. Your stuff seems practical and adds the already known Japanese stuff with Filipino Chinoy KunTao. Good Stuff from one Sigong to another. I watch you on my cell phone all the time, so I do not always get to thumbs you up on your videos because I am that old! You are inspiring since I came from a family like yours. Against insurmoutable odds you are here today. Alive and inspiring many in bad situations to be determined and not talk to fools less we become fools. I want out of Goju Ryu as a fool! I live in a Sun Down Town.

Eli G says:

You gotta love this. Please share the love. Txs

Bryan Gray says:

Truly love you brothers for sharing this amazing content!!! Long live Professor Vee!!! Osu!!! 🙏🏾🙏🏾🙏🏾

Radioface says:

Everybody needs a Kenny in the dojo….

Sean Dooley says:

AWESOME! Thank You

P M says:

I feel the intensity through my phone and love it!!

I like Waffles says:

Also thanks again for slowing it down and explaining it to many videos go to fast and you can't grasp the concept. Thanks

I like Waffles says:

Great advice wish you guys were closer I'm in Missouri loved to train with you and Kenny. But I got the 2nd best your great videos. Dad used to say keep on trucking. God bless keep up the great work

Russell Scott says:

Back fist is one of my favorite techniques… Happy to come across this to see there’s another way to utilize it… Also I like how you broke down the range of which technique is placed… I always remembered it as “nearest weapon to the nearest target…” I appreciate this reminder 🥋🥊✊🏾🔥✊🏾🔥

Darren Kostrzewski says:

Fantastic info 👌

Garage Bodz says:

Brutally honest action that works.

superstizzle01 says:

Hey Professor Dave , Peace and Blessings. Can you demonstrate a self defense technique for the straight punches down the center line. Love the videos.

Jeffery Barnovitz says:

I have something called the sickle. elbow, hammer throat chop….

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