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5 Self Defense Myths That Women Still Believe | These Make Zero Sense

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hard2hurt says:

Question for Viewers: What are some other common things you hear about self defense that make you roll your eyes?

Vic Viquor says:

"Fighting is one of two things people automatically assume they're good at." What's the other thing?

Boasill says:

Gotta show this to everyone in our taekwondo class

Henry James says:

Have you seen the opening scene in The way of the gun? Bravado did not help anybody in that one

Joe Frayling says:

The "I'll just blank him in the blank" thing is the most annoying and biggest load of self delusion going with the exception of a successful connection to someone's cubes. It's the obvious reason you put a pad there when you were demonstrating because even those weaker kicks would've fucked a dude up lol

Spechtmaster says:

When i teach selfdefence to woman, i teach them two numbers from a british home office study: 60% of all attackers let go if a woman fights back or screams, 90% if a woman does both.

Peter Russell says:

Excellent vid – thankfully there is a voice of reason out there!

JamesMMcCann says:

I love this channel and your vids, but….
The wearing the bag across the chest (left shoulder to right hip) makes it slightly harder for the thief, the idea being the thief moves onto an easier target. I agree that material things should be handed over when being mugged though. Nothing is as valuable as YOU are.
Agree whole-heartedly about the keys, it's a dumb myth.
The phone: throw the phone at the bastards and run like hell! (a lot of self defence is taught by people with no real-world experience of anything at all, it's dojo martial arts in jeans and polo-shirt).
Car: one of my students was pulled from her car and mugged. She said her doors lock automatically when the engine starts, but it had been a long day for her so she just switched off once she closed the door. She had the time to grab the wheel and sigh before the door was yanked open, meaning the guy must have been close and watching her but she didn't see him.
Totally on-point with Adrenalin/kicking to the groin.
We're seeing more and more clips on media now of loud-mouth, arrogant women in public getting walloped by men in real fights.
Self Defence should never be about winning a fight, but rather getting ourselves away from the danger unharmed.
Great vid as always, I hope you don't mind the long post from a fellow instructor.

Aa Be says:

This reminds me of small guys talking bout how they can beat up bigger guys. "They think they're so big untill I start lighting them up!" yea… they've been trying their best not to hurt you when sparring and you think you've been fighting. like that mcgreggor vs the mountain video. /annoyed big guy 🙂

L&SD says:

the best technique is still missing. GO TO THE BODY!!!!

Tim Moss says:

Steve I have been cow tipping, they do stand up at night, but you can't get near them. When they get spooked, they stampede and when you're running from them you have to watch out for the cow pies. Now trying to take the rubber tier inner tube off the bulls hornes is another story. This stuff really does happen, Brookville Indiana 1981 and 1982. There are some funny stories with all this 😁😆😅

Kane Vision says:

Oh man I thought the cow tipping thing was real too. Well there's another lie my American ex girlfriend told me when we were together. Gawd damn nothing was true that came out that gals mouth.

kankupitbull2 says:

Love you guys for the truth

Groteskfull says:

6:38 "…One of two things…" Sex being the other thing 😄

Not sure I agree with you at 0:34. I used to have a book bag that I would wear around my neck that way, so no one could snatch it… at least, not without having to deal with me 👊

deon black says:

Soooooo funny but TRUE!!!!

Viejo Tronco says:

Donkeys and mules sleep standing up. But they are very light sleepers and cranky, so if someone tries to tip them they would probably get trampled.

C Shaffer says:

Ladies, buy a gun, and learn to shoot it. Any normally built man can kill just about any woman with his bare hands. That's just science. its unfair, but that is life. a gun WILL stop anyone.

Justanother fancy screenname says:

Thank you so much for this video!! Hot damn it was over due!! I am a woman, and a trained [caged] fighter and have a longer solid background as a boxer [I started out as a boxer]. And even I always tell people, that I always do everything possible to avoid a street fight. And that if I was attacked randomly on the street from out of no where I would probably lose. WHY? Because i would be relaxed, not paying attention, and the attack would more than likely be some stupid sucker punch from behind or with a blunt object. Fighting in a controlled environment vs "the street" are two completely different worlds apart. And this is coming from a lady who activity spars weekly [with men twice my size] and get's in the ring/cage.

NativeLive420 says:

Ok I have been cow tipping. But that doesn't mean a cow waz tipped. Anyway lots of great points . I have never thought of. Must tell my wife.

Betty G says:

Points 1-4 are good, but I am really happy that you said the 5th. Whenever I said that there were a problem with the women´s attitude on the trainings (if they showed up at all), I was called anti woman who does not support the ladies. What I hate so much when I hear that a women only course was "enpowering". I see those empowered women with a bigh mouth outside of the trainings, some of them on the women only courses, but when they come to the mixed classes, they train together. 99.9 %of the Warrior Princesses who came to the courses had done nothing, just a half ass training with a lot of chatting. Their empowerment lasts until they get a male training partner, then they prefer to quit. They need reality, not enpowering. But when you face them with it (you are not as good as you think), they just say you are not supporting them and get offended. When I had to realize in the first mixed group where I trained, that I am not as good as I think, it just motivated to train harder. Whenever I am told on the trainings that I am good, I correct them, that no, I am just not as as the 99.9% of the women just because I did not give up after the second training. In a confrontation I will just buy seconds as you said, that´s all.

Ayob Sulaman says:

Self defence steps are useless because if it doesn’t go to plan ur screwed where as if u do a martial art u will be able to follow up if ur initial plan doesn’t work

Inappropriate Leigh says:

That "Nah" at the end, such disappointment!

Mohseen Lala says:

As a feminist I'm offended by the implications in this video about the disparities in self defense between men and women. Remember, I am OFFENDED, I repeat, offended.

Craig Ross says:

"You're not protected by your moxy". Indeed. My mate the cop and five of his pals struggled for ten minutes to get a wife-beating nutter into a cell. When they finally managed it this female said, "I'd like ten minutes in the cell alone with him". My exhausted and disbelieving pal said, "Why? So you could be beaten to a pulp?"

Nicola TOTOTO says:

People automatically assume they are good at fighting? Damn… I have always considered myselfe really shit at it… I want that kind of confidence too 🙁

P.J. Davis says:

“Squash Spaghetti” 💀

Craig Ross says:

A truth. Grow your nails out a bit, and put layers of clear varnish on them to strengthen them. Women will claw your face off, and it stops habitual offenders because they know DNA is then everywhere.

PKV1611221 1611221 says:

Kicking a guy in the balls definitely works.

PKV1611221 1611221 says:

I disagree with the phone one. You can describe what potential attackers look like before they get to you. Also, if something happens, the person can notify the police immediately, and triangulate, and maybe even remotwly access the mobile.

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