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.410 Shotgun Good for Self Defense? (Range Test) – TheFireArmGuy

I recently acquired a Mossberg 183T bolt action .410 shotgun. Decided to do some range tests with various loads to try to answer the question, “Is a .410 sho…


SoulSurvivorX2 says:

You sure drink a lot of milk lol

PrepperKip says:

That’s a great old classic shotgun my friend.Great ammo comparison to.

krazy45cat says:

Dan alot of the older .410’s can also fire a 45lc . Nice score on the
shotgun .

Drew Brodtmann says:

How much did you get that shotgun for? I have an old 2-shot bolt action 12
gauge that my grandpa gave me.

Tim Hauser says:

Probably better than a pistol, no?

Grubkat says:

410’s are awesome!

ShakerHP says:

That’s one way to make a Sno-Cone….

Mike O says:

Nice for defense.

archersfriend says:

I would like to see a Bolt Action .410 that would handled 2.5 and 3 inch AS
WELL as the 45 LC. The barrel should be Rifled. The Taurus “revolver” rifle
just does not appeal to me with all the blow by coming out of the cylinder
seems to be dangerous to anything in front of it.

Did you try the .410 Buckshot?

yoopersurvival says:

great video, got to get me some of those home defense shells

Tiddlywinksist Gun News and More! says:

I like 

gunnwild1 says:

Nice bolt action shotgun Dan

BigRedneckPoppa says:

NICE little boom stick I love it ! lol good video 

bisquik3006 says:

Interesting. I’ve often wondered about a 410’s effectiveness since the
Judge, and Governor became popular. Like you said, it’s not the best, but
I say it’s far better than a steak knife. 

Nathan Hill says:

My .410 is my current fungun I could should it all day. And unlike my
10/22, ammo is readily available! Oh and awesome vid intro

Semiautomaticshooter says:

Very nice shotgun to that you picked up. Range test provided great results
of those rounds

Finalsuspect1468 says:

That’s a fun cartridge. I’ve shot a ton of rabbits and quail with my 410

Bryce from MO says:

shooting milk jugs with water will NEVER get old. No matter the caliber or
range, it’s just damn fun. I used to recommend little 410 pumps for home
defense all the time to smaller stature people. 

Keaton Eggleston says:

Good looking wood on there. 410 still sends a lot of lead down range. Never
anybody’s first choice, but like 380, with the proper load and shot
placement it can be fight stopping. 410 way more than 380 of course. 

JayHoc USMC Retired says:

Hey Brother, I am really impressed with that 410! I don’t want to be shot
by one, that is for sure. I am a little shocked by the damage it can do.
Thanks for sharing Brother! 

Grubkat says:

My first shotgun was a 410. They hold a lot of sentimentality for me.
I have never seen a bolt action 410. Sweet!

jpwhatayamean says:

More than adequate for its intended purpose, some kinda 410 is a must have
if you have a 10 gun must have list.

pinkhams beach says:

Good video…. I wonder how much more powerful ammo is out of the Mossberg
than say a Judge. Read an article about a year ago of a shooting where two
men shot each other with a Judge. Google shooting death on Bray’s island.

miche turner says:

That was pretty respectable. I’m guessing its a full choke barrel? It has a
lot more jazz on it and the pattern is staying tight compared to the Judge.
The Judge patterns seem to open up too fast to be very effective beyond
point blank. Anyway, great vid as always!

410mossberg says:

Mossberg 183 with c-lect choke was my first gun. Got it when I was ten and
gave it to my son when he turned ten. Has the internal magazine that will
hold two shells. Great teaching tool, good for small game, but the barrel
may be a little long for home defense. Still love shooting it. Thanks for
another great video.

Robert Lunnen says:

By that little demo , it’s safe to say that getting hit with a 410 would
put a damper on your day !

cmvb69 says:

.410 is unrated caliber, its perfect for self defense, get some slugs if
you want to see the .410 at its best

ManitobaWolf says:

Ya just gotta love the milk jugs !! LOL
Can’t wait ’til we get out of the deep freeze up here so I can get out and
shoot some more.
The .410 with a slug, buck, or the tailored self defense loads (Eg: Win.
PDX1, Rem. HD, Federal) will more than get the attention of any would-be
intruder and is sure a hell of a lot better than throwing rocks !
Sure a 12g may be preferable, but not everyone has the time or skill to be
proficient with one, so a .410 makes perfect sense. That was kinda the
selling feature behind Mossberg’s .410 HD shotgun.
Mossberg 410 Shotgun for Home Defense

hempseedaddict says:

Whatever tool, it is still about the operator…

deputysheriff100 says:

Had a Savage bolt action 410 as a teenager and I would give a thumbs up for
self defense. It had a magazine that held 5 rounds. It was a fixed mag just
like on a Mosin..

m1shadow says:

Great video.. im sure .410 would do the job for self defense! :)

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