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4 Wall Pin Escapes | Jiu-Jitsu Self-Defense When You Are Backed Into A Corner

Jiu-Jitsu is a great tool for self-defense situations when being backed into a corner, pinned and up against a wall, or even being restrained with a choke. Turn on the Jits 🔥 Wall pins are a hybrid surface that has elements of the ground and free-standing tactics. So there are considerations for the leverage principles that work in both environments. Here, Eli Knight of Knight Jiu-Jitsu shows us some great techniques to escape a wall pin 👊 Learn more from Eli : We are committed to bringing you original, high-quality martial arts content. Please leave us a comment below and join our community: ▶️ Subscribe to Budo Brothers: ▶️ Visit Our Website:


Osama Badr says:

I enjoy your videos you are more than amazing, from Egypt with love 🇪🇬👍💪

Paul Harding says:

Hi how would you do that last head lock defence if you have hip mobility problems thanks .

Vivek Shah says:

Can't we just kick the attacker in the groin followed with a hammer punch?

Knight Jiu-Jitsu says:

Thank you, my brothers!

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