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Uzi Tactical Pen Bolt Action Pen Combo Pack Black and Gun Metal Refillable Ultra Durable Lightweight Aircraft Aluminum Ballpoint Writing Self Defense

The UZI Tactical Bolt Action Pen is built out of ultra-durable, light weight aircraft aluminum. The bolt action retraction offers an attractive adaptation to the standard opening mechanism on most pens and is also a lot of fun to open and close. This pen will keep you less stressed and protect your life at the same time. Since its inception, the legendary UZI has been a defender of freedom. The UZI Tactical Pen continues this legacy as the most sought after tactical pen in the world. Going where weapons are not allowed, the tactical pen in often the last line of defense against an attacker, and with UZI’s ultra-durable construction, it might be the most effective tool you have in a life saving situation.

Product Features

  • BOLT ACTION PEN – refined and smooth bolt-action mechanism opens and closes the pen. Modern look and feel for writing, bullet journaling, diary, outdoor and everyday desktop writing. Our Uzi Tactical Pens are good for the military enthusiast, outdoors-man, hunter in your life. Uzi Prides itself on using the best materials and crafting the finest Tactical pens in the world. This is a Refillable Uzi Bolt Action Tactical Pen
  • SOLID DESIGN & COMFORTABLE- Made from high grade Lightweight Aircraft Aluminum
  • Available in Black and Gun Metal
  • This Bolt Action Pen is a Ballpoint Pen. this bolt action pen features a bolt action retraction mechanism that opens and closes the pen.
  • Compatible with Parker, Fisher Space Pen refills and other standard refills.


Anonymous says:

Love the pen but the off brand (no name) ink cartridge the pen comes with sucks! Sorry I can’t be more eloquent but the first time I attempted to sign my name, half way through, it stopped working. Thinking it was the paper, I attempted same on another piece of paper, same results. I discovered if you write slow, as in print, the ink keeps up. But, if you try to write fast or make a strait line, ink comes out till about 6″ and then totally peters out at 9″. Replaced ink cartridge, pen…

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