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TISUR Titanium Bolt Integrated Toothpick and Holder Keychain Ultralight Travel Kits (Gray)

Brand: TISUR

Holder body: Pure Titanium
Toothpick : Titanium Alloy Gr5
key ring: Stainless Steel

Length: 2.8in/7.2cm
Opened Length: 4.3in/11cm
Outer Diameter: about 0.5cm/ 0.19in
Toothpick diameter: about 0.2cm/ 0.07in /0.2in
Peak diameter: about 0.01in /0.3mm
Weight: 0.12oz/3.5g

Not only a toothpick, but a self defense edc tool, can bore holes on soft surface, nice gift choice etc.
Please note: Titanium resists the corrosion of aqua regia, seawater etc, but not sulfuric acid, hydrochloric acid, and high concentrations of nitric acid.

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Product Features

  • 1.Toothpick Holder – Made of TC4 titanium.Surface is finely polished, Indestructible, Super Tough and Ultra-light Weight.
  • 2.Utralight Portable,integrated design,no need to get an extra toothpick container. Pocket size, only 0.12oz, easily-taken in purse, on keychains or bags etc.
  • 3.Multipurpose, Titanium Bolt Design, not only a pocket toothpick but can also be extended as EDC tool for fine work or emergency use.
  • 4.Durable and Reusable toothpick, eco-friendly, healthy, non-toxic, high strength, smooth polished, live a better life with titanium.
  • 5. Nice for backpacking, camping, hiking, travel etc, cool gift.


Anonymous says:

Nice compact toothpick It’s a decent titanium toothpick. I do like the bolt action mechanism compared to the two piece titanium toothpicks out there.The drawbacks are operating it one handed can be difficult since it is a very small item. The knob on the bolt could be a couple of millimeters bigger. The slot where the bolt moves and rest on the top should be more of a U shape versus the L shape. Reason is with the U shape so it won’t close on you accidentally when you hit the knob. When I open the…

Anonymous says:

Very well made and useful This is an amazing tool. I tend to loose my scribes that are little more than nails. No consistency that way. This is very sharp, very hard, stays sharp, stays on you if you tie it on, and even though it springs out, it’s very firm. No wobbling. In other words, it feels like it’s one piece when extended. You’ll find more uses for it than just picking teeth. It does a great job of doing that too and removing calculus from your teeth too (not your homework, sorry kids.) Now, if…

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