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Tactical Pen,Portable,Retractable tool for Outdoor Self-Defense and Run

Tactical Pen ,Portable,Retractable tool for Outdoor Self-Defense and Run

Product Features

  • Easy to carry, can be placed in a pocket and will not be found in its existence
  • Foam handle Telescopic three-section device
  • Scalable 9.5 inches to 26 inches,Telescopic flexible


Anonymous says:

Always be prepared What I like about this product is that the material is very well crafted. I’ve owned a lot of Knight sticks and they always have that weird clingy sound cause the materials were loose and it would not stay out and retract back in.I like how you have to slam the top portion in to retract it back. At the end you change change the bottom to a very pointy piece which helps smashes windows or glass if you are in a tight spot. Over all well made and you get your bang for your buck…

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