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Tactical Pen,Multi-Function Self Defense Tool with,Glass Breaker for Outdoor Survival

Product Features

  • Superior Material: Made of high hardness alloy, can break bricks without deformation
  • from 10″ to 26″ with the flick of a wrist
  • Portable:comes with a storage bag for you to carry, easy to hook on your belt, backpack, bags, notebook and etc, which can be your perfect self defense tool for emergency.
  • our products do not support automatic recovery short. Our retraction method is to use your hand to hold the head of the stick, tail at the ground vertically, force to press hard until it be shorten. Any question please kindly contact us, thanks!


Anonymous says:

Heavy duty glass break tool

Anonymous says:

Excellent for defense. Great if you’ve studied fencing The holster is very unreliable and not worth the risk of using.Of course I did not buy this for the holster. The batons themselves are great and are made heavy enough to do some damage. These are definitely strong enough to break the arm of an attacker.The friction lock works great and the baton extends very easily but requires a bit more finesse to close which is actually a good thing. These can be used for thrusting and jabbing as well as striking without needing to worry about…

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