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Strike Spike – Self-Defense/Counter Attack Tool – 3 Pack

Attach to back strap of your cap. If confronted with hostile situation, raise your arms up to protect your face. Grab the bill of your hat, whipping it off and striking your attacker. Also attaches to your watch band or shoelaces.

Product Features

  • Tough Aluminum Disc With Ultra Sharp Spikes
  • Attaches to the Back of Your Cap
  • Works on Watch Band or Shoelaces


Anonymous says:

Much better than anticipated!

Anonymous says:

If you like your clothes dryer and wash your hats

Anonymous says:

5 stars I really like these. I go running at night, so I like to be prepared for anything. I laced one onto each of my shoes, and I have a third one that I haven’t figured out what to do with yet. They are definitely sharp to the touch, so they will take flesh off if you put any impact behind it. FYI if you’re lacing them onto your shoes, don’t leave those shoes sitting around on the floor, especially if you have dogs or children at home. I keep mine on an elevated surface, and I tell the husband and…

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