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Self Defense Made Simple: Easy and Effective Self Protection Whatever Your Age, Size or Skill!

Do you want to learn how to easily and effectively protect yourself – whatever your age, size or skill?!

The new #1 Self Defense Bestseller – Grab Your Copy Now!

Discover ‘Self Defense Made Simple’ from Bestselling Self Defense Author Phil Pierce: Your blueprint for smarter, easier and more intuitive self-protection without the years of training or complicated lessons.

Do you want to learn how to ensure you never get hit using one special technique?Or how to use psychology ‘hacks’ to prevent violence before it happens and stay in control?Learn how to really use everyday objects as weapons (90% of people get this wrong!)Discover the truth behind pressure points – and how you can use themHow to defend yourself against the most common attacksHow to use the powerful self-defense tools your body already hasLearn the exact exercises you can use to quickly and easily build a ‘self-defense body’How to find the weak points on an attacker…that you can exploit!How to choose the perfect self-defense class (and which ones are just wasting your time)Understand how to identify a threat before it ever happensHow to avoid the No.1, life-threatening self-defense mistakeFree Bonus Book insideAnd more!
Based on the tactics of Self-Defense experts, top Martial Artists and security personnel the simple techniques included are all designed to enable you to stay safe on the streets whatever your age, size or skill!

Ever wondered what it takes in a real life or death situation to make the right choices? Or how to dominate any violent encounter on the streets without even throwing a punch? You may be surprised at the answers…

Grab Your Copy Now!


Anonymous says:

In addition there is some attention given in the beginning to explaining the difference in some of the styles of fighting arts o This book does exactly what the title says: it takes some of the basic techniques in self defense and simplifies them. In addition there is some attention given in the beginning to explaining the difference in some of the styles of fighting arts out there to help educate a beginner in honing in on what may best suit that individual. And while no book or video can take the place of actual training, it provides a good base of simple techniques in a pinch, and a good foundation to somebody that…

Anonymous says:

The part I consider most important is that he stresses avoidance is the best technique. In flight or fight It is unfortunate we live in a day and age when books such as this necessary. I live near a major Texas city and half of the nightly news involves attacks on people, many of whom have put themselves into a position making victimization likely. Almost nightly I see stories where someone is assaulted in a parking lot just after leaving a shop or store. In this book Phil describes situations to avoid, weapons you can use including your hands and feet. The part I consider most important is that he…

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