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Safesound Personal Alarm Siren Song One PACK- 130dB Rechargerable Self Defense Alarm Keychian with Emergency Mini LED Flashlight – Security Personal Protection Devices for Women Girls Kids and Elderly

Product Features

  • USB Rechargeable Battery: Personal alarm siren is made of rechargeable lithium battery, not button battery. Don’t need to replace the battery, directly use the usb data cable to charge and charge time is only 30 minutes, then you can get 1 years in standby
  • 130 dB Safety Emergency Alarm: With ear-piercing sound to draw others’ attentions even 300 yards away when your’e in danger. Up to 50 mins of continuous sound to ensure emergency use. It will replace self-defense weapons to protect your safety, as pepper spray
  • 2 Ways to Use: You can pull the contact pin out or press the switch 2 times quickly, to activate alarm
  • LED Emergency Flashlight: Light bulbs are bigger and brighter than flashlights of traditional security alarm
  • Lightweight & Portable Alarm Keychain: Self defense alarm can be attached to purse, backpack, keys, belt loops, and suitcases. It also can be brought onboard a plane, really convenient, fit for Students, Joggers, Elders, Kids, Women, Night workers.


Anonymous says:

Loud alarm and handy bright flashlight! I got this on a whim because I wanted a flashlight, and figured having a little extra deterrence for someone to try to harm me is a good idea as well.Im surprised at how loud the alarm is and I like that you can set it off by yanking on the device when it’s attached to your keychain or bag by the clip that it has. It pulls a pin that sets the alarm, and if you want it to stop you can push the pin back in. It doesn’t come all the way out so you don’t have to worry about losing any small…

Anonymous says:

Glad I picked this one There are quite a few personal alarms on Amazon, each with glowing reviews that all kind of sound the same (suspicious) and none older then September 2019.I chose this one for three reasons: The alarm can be activated by either pulling a pin or pressing a button, the battery can be recharged via a USB cable and it comes with a flashlight. This one is more expensive than others but decided to give it a try and am glad I did. The alarm is LOUD, I annoyed everyone far and wide because…

Anonymous says:

They will hear you

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