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POM Black Pepper Spray Pocket Clip Model – Maximum Strength Self Defense OC Spray Safety Flip Top 10ft Range Running and Outdoors (Black)

POM Sport Clip Pepper Spray Allows You Live Your Active Lifestyle with Peace of Mind! Specifically designed for physical activity, the POM CLIP Pepper Spray has a built-in clip which securely attaches to a running belt, armband or waistband. It’s ideal for running, cycling, or any other outdoor sports or fitness activity. You can also clip it onto an inside purse or backpack pocket for concealed protection. POM is all about SAFETY, DESIGN & FUNCTIONALITY. What Sets POM Apart Competing Brands? Patented flip flop top provides optimum safety and ease of use No accidental discharge, and always ready to shoot Contains the absolute strongest OC formula legally allowed in the U.S. Carry case made of FDA approved, non-toxic, food grade plastic 0.5 oz unit provides 24 powerful bursts, up to 10 seconds of continuous spray, and can be shot at a 10-foot range High Pressure Liquid Chromatography (HPLC) tested in U.S. Department of Defense certified facility POM Sports CLIP features the most innovative, modern, minimalistic pepper spray unit on the market today, custom designed for runners and outdoor enthusiasts. It comes in Black, Grey or White cases, and you can choose a from an assortment of fun colored accent bands, each of which promotes the following: CORAL = Symbolizes life, restores harmony, energizing ORANGE = Fun, friendly, spontaneous, optimistic YELLOW = Enthusiasm for life, joyful, uplifting, creates confidence LIME = Clears mind of negativity, fresh, playful AQUA = Protective, compassionate, calming, promotes concentration HOT PINK = Passion for life, vibrant, stimulating Choose POM CLIP for Peace of Mind and the Most Powerful Self Defense Protection Spray. Live Life with POM!

Product Features

  • POM Clip – NOTE: The POM Clip Model does NOT attach to the free quick key release. ONLY POM Snap and Key Models attach to the Quick Key Release. Our clip model is designed to be carried with you on the go! Our patented Clip model (U.S. Patent #10,144,563) is mean to be clipped inside your pocket, arm band (while running) or purse, for easy access. The clip model is a stealth and discrete way to carry pepper spray on your person.
  • POMClear – Our propriety formula, measuring at 1.40% Major Capsaicnoids, is designed as the strongest and safest legal formula to provide you and your loved ones Peace of Mind.
  • POM Flip-Top – Our signature patented flip-top dispensing system is the best firing system on the market. Covered by U.S. Patent #9,815,612, our flip-top design is the manifestation of over 40 years of experience manufacturing aerosol products to bring you the safest and highest quality firing system on the market. Our flip-top removes the fear of accidently firing the product while in your bag, pocket or purse, bringing you Peace of Mind wherever you go.
  • POM Bands – We designed POM differently: for you. Emphasizing convenience, functionality and a design-drive approach, we made POM to be personalized to fit who you are! Our 8+ patent pending ring colors, models and base-colors offer you a variety of combinations and carrying options that fit your lifestyle and personality!
  • Peace of Mind – The perfect gift! Our goal is to bring you Peace of Mind wherever life takes you. Whether you are traveling to a new place, going on a run, or staying late at work, POM is there for you no matter what life brings. We pride ourselves knowing that POM can bring you and your loved one’s comfort and security during life’s uncomfortable situations. Live your life with POM!


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What a GREAT Company I purchased these fine POM (Piece Of Mind) pepper spray units for my two girls and they loved them. However, I wrote to POM (via Amazon) asking them why neither of the two had come with the tiny ring/attachment point needed to utilize the “keychain” option? How did POM respond: They quickly sent out 2 more units (with the attached rings) the next day. No questions asked and without any fanfare. Thank you POM. No wonder my friend John Correia From The YouTube Channel “ACTIVE SELF…

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ASP Recommended

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