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Guard Dog Security Self Defense Tactical Pen and Windows Breaker, 30 Lumen Flashlight with Gift Box

Tactical Pen Light – LED Flashlight
Guard Dog have created a fully functional black ink ballpoint pen that uses regular ink (Parker), and is ideal for daily use in class or meetings. As well as being a writing instrument, the tactical pen conceals a high quality LED flashlight, which delivers 30 lumens of clear, white light. This device illuminates your way and is ideal for finding keys and lighting sidewalks. The light’s LED flashlight is also great for self defense, shining in the eyes of any potential assailant.

Cleverly Concealed Self Defense
Perfectly disguised, this functioning ballpoint pen features a glass breaking tungsten steel tip and steel pocket clip which can be attached to your notebook or belt to ensure you always keep your tactical flashlight pen with you, wherever you go. The compact pen measures just 6.25″, and is so cleverly concealed that it’s ideal for storing in a purse, backpack or pocket, and no-one will know it’s actually an emergency self defense device.

This generous program allows you to buy our products with the confidence you deserve when buying a self defense security product.

Guard Dog Security Tactical Pen Features
Functioning ballpoint pen Uses standard refill ink 30 lumen flashlight Glass breaking tungsten steel pressure tip Measures just 6.25″ Steel belt clip AG5 Batteries x 3 INCLUDED

Product Features

  • SURVIVAL EVERYWHERE: Equipped with a tungsten steel pen pressure tip which can break glass in the event of an emergency, or can be used in self defense applications
  • TOUGH & DURABLE: Made with type III aircraft grade aluminum alloy, the tactical pen won’t be chewed up by your pet
  • LIGHT WHEN IT NEEDS: Always have illumination, wherever you go. The pen features a convenient 30 lumen flashlight
  • WRITE AND REFILL: You will feel a smooth, continuous, effortless and even ink transfer. Uses the standard Parker ink refills
  • LIFETIME WARRANTY: Buy with confidence knowing Guard Dog guarantees the tactical Pen for life. With our 100% satisfaction policy, you can swap your product for another one if you aren’t fully happy


Anonymous says:

I needed a flashlight/pen and this seemed like a good fit for both of those needs. I’ve been using it for less than 2 weeks and the button that turns the flashlight on and off has become faulty. The light will not turn on more often than it does and it will shut off just as randomly. I do not recommend this product. The reason it didn’t get one star from me is that when the light does work it is bright and the overall package has a quality feel. Too bad the electronics weren’t given the same…

Anonymous says:

This was an impulse purchase that I’m glad I made! I have used this pen more than I would have guessed since receiving it: the flashlight is fabulous! Bright, easy to turn on, easily available in a pocket or clipped to shirt or pant loops. It also writes well, and I love that it uses refillable cartridges. I haven’t had to use it to break out of my car yet, and hope I never do, but it brings piece of mind knowing I have a handy tool to do so if necessary. Will be buying it in black for my…

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