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FAST STRIKE Personal Protection and Self Defense, for Men and Women

The FSD Personal Protection and Self-defense device is one that is always great to have along with you. This product only weighs 3 oz and when fully extended is 17 inches long. This product is great for fending off smaller animals such as stray dogs. The FSD can be coiled up into the handle making it easily concealable at 7 inches long and 5 inches wide. It’ll fit right into your waistband, pants pocket, coat pocket and when fully extended can clip onto just about anything due to the sturdy handle clip. *This product was invented in America and is also manufactured and shipped in America.*

Product Features

  • Personal Protection
  • Self Defense Product
  • Light Weight and Fast
  • Clips onto backpacks, belts, and more
  • When coiled up it can be concealed in coat pockets, pants pockets, and waistbands


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