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Boxing for Self-Defense: Taking the Sweet Science from the Ring to the Street

Can you defend yourself in the street with boxing techniques?

Yes, you can, but there are critical differences between the ring and the pavement arena. For boxing to be an effective self-defense system, you must know which parts transfer directly and which ones you need to adapt. Most of all, you must know how to do that. Written by a self-defense expert with over thirty-five years of experience, this book teaches you exactly that. It covers everything you need to start your training, regardless if you are a beginner or if you already practice the sweet science.

You will learn how to:

Avoid going to jail by understanding how legal self-defense is different from sports fighting.
Not break you fist when punching without gloves.
Adapt boxing’s footwork, punching and defensive techniques to the realities of the street.
Get out of the clinch positions attackers most often use.
Avoid common mistakes that boxers make when defending themselves.

This first volume in the “Boxing for Self-Defense” series covers the fundamental information you need to efficiently defend yourself. It gives you the necessary knowledge to transform powerful ring-fighting techniques into devastating punches that can fight off aggressors. As the saying goes:

You don’t know punching, until you’ve been hit by a boxer.

Buy this book today so you too can become a hard-hitting pugilist.


You receive free access to an on-line resources page with more information, videos of boxing used in street encounters, gear to use and much more.


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