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Bodyweight Training for Martial Arts: Traditional Calisthenics Techniques for the Modern Martial Artist

Bodyweight Training for Martial Arts is the ultimate solution for the modern martial artist looking to maximize their potential without spending a lot of time, money and energy in a crowded gym. This unique progressive approach ensures you can work at your own level while also focusing on the essential functional assets you need as a martial artist. A lack of conditioning will always hold you back no matter how many kicks you throw or rounds you spar. The simple methods and routines in this book will ensure you won’t be caught flat-footed in the ring or real life.


Anonymous says:

I’ve been waiting a long time for a book on calisthenics as it applies to martial arts and combat sports. Finally someone wrote it. Matt’s book, like his YouTube videos, is concise, to the point and doesn’t waste time with excessive verbiage.The book describes basic calisthenics progressions focusing primarily on pushups, rows, lunges and leg raises, paying attention to how these can be used to improve martial arts performance. He ranks the progressions using a familiar belt-ranking…

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