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Bear Gentleman 130dB Personal Alarm Self Defense Rape Attack Safety Security with Keychain (Purple)


Sometime, A small device could have a great significance in one’s life, even save one’ life

If every one could pay attention to it and carry on one such a defender, maybe a lot of pity will
have a narrow escape. Also a good present for kids, female friends and elderly

When under the emergency situation such as robbery, an attack, and lady-killer, it can cause the attention of passers-by to be out of danger

Use Manual:

1. When you are in danger situation, gently pull out the bolt and then the alarm will ring (the metal bolt on the bear’s bottom)

Plug in the bolt when you want it to be quiet

2.You need to install new battery when the battery runs out or the voice become smaller

3.The alarm sound is very loud, please do not put by your ears

Applicable situations: solo living female or night worker;

When a woman walking alone at night, when the travel disaster distress call for help, loud noise can cause other people’s attention so that the evildoer are scared to escape


VOL: ≧130db

Battery: 20mA, 3V,AG4 battery

Color: Khaki, Brown, Purple

Material: Crystal cashmere

Product Features

  • Professional private alarm. Extremely loud alarm’s sound With Adorable Look (≧130db Sounds)
  • Pull out the alarm bolt when in emergency, can alarm make a loud sound for help. High decibel can effectively frighten offenders. When you are safe, please plug the alarm bolt
  • With Belt clip and key ring design for hands free operation, weight light and small size is easy to carry in the outdoor
  • More safety and portable than others self-defensive equipment, you can take it on the plane and take it to anywhere which need to security check, will not be restricted. Will not caused by improper use of hurt yourself
  • 2-in-1 lovely bear, when you are in trouble it can protect you, is your hero. and it can also be a normal doll in your life, is your gentleman. Is more covert than other products


Anonymous says:

Great idea, adorable and effective, wonderful seller

Anonymous says:

I think my little gentleman bear is awesome. I love that there’s two options on how … I think my little gentleman bear is awesome. I love that there’s two options on how to put him on your key chain, also I actually like how big he is, due to the fact I always loose my keys and it will probably be easier to find them now. He’s very loud and the sound, sound frantic, which I’m sure would alarm someone. My only complaint is when I pulled his string, some stuffing got in the way and made it a bit challenging to get the string back in so the noise would stop. But, not a big issue…

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