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You Must Be Careful If You Are In A Vulnerable Population

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Frank Hornberger says:

Gotta love California ~ old guys like us can't legally defend ourselves…

Leo Calhoun says:

Homk the Horn.

Duke Cleve says:

Stay Armed, and I'm always looking in my mirrors after I park and turn the key, oh and yeah this punk should be at room temperature.

Bob Miller says:

Minor!! He's doing a major crime and should therefore be treated as an adult.

Jonathan Pascual says:

I’m willing to bet that they’re will still be idiots pulling the “He’s just a kid!” excuse. Apparently, those jackasses think it’s ok for people to do whatever they want if they’re still not considered an adult


This Grandpa is packin…and I am always aware.

C Francis says:


Bill Baron says:

Little POS should be sent away to play grown up games with the big boys.

JesseWorld1000 says:

Typical thug behavior probably stays somewhere in the neighborhood. Sad

X-Silent Blade-X says:

Tyrone din do nuffi- wait….that looks like LITTLE BILLY 🤔

Michael Locklear says:

He was punching him with the key in his hand i think it cut the guy.

Timothy Mccartney says:

Shoot that lil prick !

Columbus1152 says:

If it were me, I'd calmly tell the kid to take it easy, give him my keys, tell him it'll take me a few to get out because I have a bad hip, then I'd warn him to drive carefully and wish him a good day. Then…………. I'd unload my cannister of OC right across the peepers.

Joe-n-Tex says:

John, being in a vulnerable population or not, being attacked by fists of fury (my depiction) and fearing for ones life should be all that's needed to use a firearm, no. It's been years since I've in Texas so I'm not sure how much laws have changed if at all, and you've spoke to Texas as an exception in the use of lethal force, but how much of a beating must one take before using the "unequal force" rule? Or is it a case of beating the rap but not the ride? Thanks for all you do.

Dave Logic says:

Hoodlum kid in a hoodie in Kommiefornia, sanctuary city…I wonder ……

sarah burks says:

You stilll look fat but you lose a bit of weight nice job keep it up😍😍

Micah Watson says:

Since he assaulted an old man, I think a 25 year old should teach him a lesson…

einyv says:

The 14 year old deserves the death penalty for beating on an elderly man. Piece of crap.

Christopher Taylor says:

According to the self-defense experts, they say "let them have your property". It's not worth killing over or being killed for your property. A thief can steal whatever he wants. And no one should stop him. According to "experts".

Crime is down overall across the country. Except where you live. And that is the issue. Not the safe areas but where you live. And the "experts" don't live where you live.

Cold Rain says:

Would Grandpa have been justified to empty the mag on the wee shitbag after he jumped in the car and shut the door? He did have a gun and he did assault him.

Enter User Name Here. says:

wait a minute here…..wasn't there some fat guy that made these videos?

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