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Worst Self Defense Class Ever | RT Shorts

Burnie brings in a self-defense instructor to teach the gang how to protect themselves. But who will protect the instructor from the staff? » Get your Rooster Teeth merch: » Subscribe: About Rooster Teeth: Welcome to the Rooster Teeth Channel. We’re a production company in Austin, TX, making podcasts, animated shows, and live-action shorts and series. More from Rooster Teeth: » Achievement Hunter: » Let’s Play: » Red vs. Blue:


Starwing30 says:

Long story short, it’s the reverse of “Self defense against fresh fruit”

RC 1207 says:

Lol mush sticking his paw in the bath 0:17

Nocturnal Whisper says:

Poor teach, was just tryin to do his job. F xD

Avery Newtown says:

i thought the baseball was gonna be a reference to the short where they were playing catch.

Little Snuggle says:

Lmao, Muriel impatiently waiting for Max's high-five at 4:13 was great

Pastor of Muppets says:

Max is cute

brian nuñez says:

They need to do another one with the instructor, he’s hilarious😂

Marco Pohl says:

honestly, I've seen worse!

Cameron Grow says:

This is why improv classes will save your life!

Eric De Loza says:

This reminds me of Living in Color with Jim Carrey self defense class

Walkin dude says:

Dudes, utilise that instuctor guy more. He was really good in this.
I'd refer to him by his name but i can't remember it because he's under utilised.
And yeah utilise not utilize. British innit.

Winston Smith says:

Bootleg Burnie lol

dudeitscoke says:

Barbara spitting really made me laugh

Viewer says:

“San Francisco Pharmacist”

ekroizm says:

Barbra the 90s called they want their haircut back

Keith -Indy- Mossey says:

Is… is the instructor Burnie?????

blackAngel says:

I was sure Barbara or Ellie would kick him in the balls…

Leonardo Talavera says:

Haha Barbara's spit

AdamFH says:

Anybody ever watch In Livin Color back in the 90's. There was a skit like this with Jim Carrey, he was a Karate Master for a womens defence class and he gets beate up and stabbed a few times.

P1K3L says:

The best defense is a way overboard offense.

DonkeyMan USA says:

This reminds me off…. RexKwonDo!

Steven Kelly says:

Why is Burnie taking a bath in his kitchen sink?

Riot777 says:

Who is the instructor? He’s hilarious

Belgium WafleLove says:

When is the next nomad of nowhere comming out?

Josh Pryor says:

The instructor needs to be a reoccurring character 😂

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