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Women’s Self Defense: Small Girl Defeats Big Guy with Judo

A small woman with only three months of martial arts training uses judo techniques to throw a large man.


MobTec2001 says:

Correct title is: “Completely compliant male training-partner helps
normal-sized woman get through a choreographed self defence display”, I’m
all for self defence but women should not get the idea that it would
remotely easy to beat a guy like that in real-life. Overconfidence gets you
in deep trouble. People just don’t react in that super passive manner. Also
anyone who’s ever boxed knows the chances of stepping around, catching a
straight-right and throwing them is zero. You’re doing well if you can slip
or block it with a small movement. I love Judo and grappling in general but
lets be realistic.

MrHoppers002 says:

how is she little? she’s freaking tall.

Sushil Sundar says:

Awesome woman power. I love it!!!!

LeAnn Purdy says:

Great job for 3months!!

JoachimderZweite says:

Modern Judo is a competitive sport but there is a branch of Judo that is
meant for real fighting including strikes, small circle jujitsu, dangerous
locks and strangulation. This branch of judo has its aficionados and they
are found mostly in Japan and Korea.

skeppsbrogatan says:

I always thought Judo was unusable in real world as it relied on wearing
judo clothes and if someone took their shirt off, they couldn’t be beaten.
But this video clearly shows that perhaps not all Judo’s moves are
dependent on grabbing the Judo clothes.

MonkyzClef says:

very impressive for only 3 months training 🙂

William Emilio Lopez Contin says:

I love when somebody say JUDO IS JUST A SPORT… But don’t undestand that
JUDO (BJJ and SAMBO that coming from JUDO) are essencially combat martial
art very effective…When you figth in the street is a real combat and we
don’t made simulation but image repeating the same techniques for years
stand/ground how natural it is for us make a move against any opponent,
that’s called effectiveness, when knocked down, hanged or articulates an
opponent and we do it in every practices…NO SIMULATION !

Mah Vista says:

“Definitely Awesome! Get the Basics——————-> How Small Guys Beat
GIANTS in BJJ MicroBJJ (dot) com”

beaneaterextreme says:

Your ippon-seoi-nage performance is very good for just 3 months, and the
throws that are done against a punch, even there are not perfect, are
judo-spirit compliant, as you use the punch movement momentum to do
kuzushi, to help the throw. In other words, after see that video, I truly
believe that if someone on the street tries to punch you, and you see it,
the most probable outcome would be your attacker lying on the floor after
being thrown. Congratulations.

SquishyPilots says:


DakotaRevolver says:

Sakurabi, a classically trained JUDO fighter, has beaten every one of the
Gracies. And don;t forget about Parisian. Judo is less commonly trained in
MMA, and everyone is one th BJJ bandwagon, because that’s what they hear
Joe rogan talking about. That doesn;t mean Judo is less effective. And, in
a streetfight/self-defense situation, which is what this video is
addressing, Judo is extremely effective.

MN12warbird says:

imagine a lil girl like that defending herself! well done. imagine she has
long nails or rings while grappling. by the time you figure out how u got
thrown and clawed, shes already run away and called the cops on u… never
underestimate anyone espcially a girl. they tend to fight dirty.

artificialeagle says:

Excellent instructor

DakotaRevolver says:

See my reply to Jlbrpt above.

Vbudo says:

I wish she would grapple w me 🙁

SquishyPilots says:


fabyjudo says:

good, judo is the best!!!!!!

roentgen571 says:

@skeppsbrogatan You can grab street clothes, too. They won’t look too nice
when you’re done, though, which is why judogi are made out of heavy
cloth…so you don’t have to keep replacing them.

jose francisco henriquez gomez says:

y love judo

Junliga W says:

This is fantastic

EnzoTheBaker says:

I five-starred this song in Guitar Hero

MakeSh00t says:

Yea right. Women gets 1 punch she can block much as she can she get broken
fingers or if its guy strong he can break hand. Dumb. Women needs gun thats

BloodofPatriots says:

What you’re not seeing is the follow through (often missing from
demonstrations and tournaments). In traditional judo, the ground is a
weapon — you smash the uke (attacker) to the ground, preferably making
contact with either his head or the shoulders/neck, causing serious bodily
injury or unconsciousness or both. She needs to learn to follow through and
drive her opponent into the mat. If not, her techniques on the street won’t
be as effective.

sensei suhas k tambe says:


TheMovieMaker46 says:

she does a better seonage than i do! lol im only a green belt

jlbrpt says:

Oh, and I’m not turning my back to ANYONE during a fight unless I really
want to get my ass kicked.

Pete A. Gore says:

The first one is Uki-Goshi ; The fifth one is a kinf of Haraï-Goshi ;
Seventh one : another O-Soto-Gari

Pete A. Gore says:

It’s not so bad for a 4 months experience. But the guy is really nice with
her, it’s not as simple as that in real life situations 😉 A just a piece
of advice for the girl : use more your leg, not only your back. For example
for ippon seoi nage, just go more close to the ground.

stressFactorAL says:

great video!!

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