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Women Learn Self-Defense for the First Time

How many self-defense techniques do you know? Today the ladies are down at Evolve MMA to learn more and try their hands at punching and kicking! A big thank you to Evolve MMA as well for guiding our ladies! Follow Our Hosts: Amander – Sierra – Juhi – Abbey – Follow us: For business enquiries, please drop us an email at [email protected]



Juhi you wont die …πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚

Peng Zhang says:

Try tap dancing!

Angel grace says:

The sleeping choke hold. A classic

Megan Loo says:

My friend goes to evolve!❀️❀️❀️❀️

Natasha Ho says:

You guys should try rhythmic gymnastics or ballet, they're really fun to learn and u guys will love it….

Angela Maier says:

Juhi: Steal his wallet, and ur gonna die
Me: Ikr lmao

Mariam Olatunji says:

When are they going to do another expecting soon video

Jaime Tay says:

Π½Ρ”Ρƒ… Ο… ΠΌΞΉΡ•Ρ•Ρ”βˆ‚ συт 1 Ρ•Ρ”β„“f βˆ‚Ρ”fΡ”ΠΈΒ’Ρ”…

ΞΉΡ‚ ΞΉΡ• Ξ±ΞΉΠΊΞΉβˆ‚Οƒ ρѕ ΞΉ Ξ±ΠΌ Ξ± Π²β„“Ξ±Β’ΠΊ gΟƒβ„“βˆ‚ Π²Ρ”β„“Ρ‚ πŸ₯‹

Karanjit Gill says:

Amazing video

Robertha's Absolute World says:

As soon as I look at the writing "first time".
π™©π™π™žπ™¨ π™¬π™žπ™‘π™‘ π™—π™š 𝙖 π™œπ™€π™€π™™ π™€π™£π™šπŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚

ThatRandomPerson says:

She made him go oh WHEEEEEE

Golden Reta says:

Lets go girllsss

hmm err says:

Can u try Wushu class for a couple days?

Kpop World says:

Try to do a challenge where you guys have to only speak in malay or other language you don’t know for 1 week

Hadia Rehman says:

I learned taik won do and self defense at age 11

Saira Khalid says:

Try flying yoga/taekwondo

Raflizal Zaidan says:

mashaallah juhi😍

sanjh solanki says:

I need more episodes like this…
This is so good… U r on fire girls❀❀

JamesMMcCann says:

Don't confuse self defense with martial arts.

Fidget Spinner king I’m also gay ;-; says:

I do the brasilian jujistu and I am brasilian oi galera do brasil

Anthony Luong says:

I love this video so much !! Keep up the good work. GIRL POWER ! Eat bugs next plz.

Brooke Saynuk says:

I almost done karate for 3 years now and we did most of those exercises I'm impressed

ExtraSean says:


JG - 06SN - Morning Star MS (1114) says:

6:31 is just so satisfying

Daisy Grey says:

Cook and go oh wee

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