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Wing Chun Drills – Training for Street Self Defense

Check us out for more information as well as youth and adult martial arts and self defense classes in Greenville, South Carolina! Greenville Academy of Martial Arts 872 Woodruff Rd. Greenville, SC 29670 Cornerstone Jeet Kune Do


Bengun67 says:

You Guys are awesome !
Thank you for sharing,
Ride on

124madcow says:

Bruce Lee himself said a dude that trained wrestling and boxing for a year could beat a life long martial artists. Best thing to do is see which traps work and which don't

A. C. says:

Nice and instructive video. It would have been more educational with at least two aditional drills. Anyway, quite interesting. You got a suscriber 😀

Master Play says:


keyser sosa 13 says:

One of the last real BULLSHITO with all the Actors and Frauds selling People fake ….gash its 2019

Spawny Chancer says:

Wing Chun is awesome! All the cool kids are doing it!

runbear says:

Most people i see working with wing chun, seem to miss the entire point of wing chun. Can anyone spot in this video what I'm referring to?

Terence and Dan 178 says:

So the stance being wingchun does not apply ?

Leung Pinkie says:

Talk too much


Too much talking . Get lost in you chopping and changing in your breakdown . Too much talk

Professor P says:

I now do Krav Maga which utilises western boxing and kickboxing mainly for standup but when I spar in class I do find that bong sau works really well as I’ve trained it for so long I find I’m doing it instinctively

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