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Why the .45acp Sucks for Self-Defense

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scammajamma says:

Anyone using the .45 ACP should at least consider upgrading their firearm to .45 Super. It really brings the round into the 21st century. I use the 185 gr Underwood JHP round getting muzzle velocity of1300 fps and muzzle energy right at 700 ft. lbs! All it took to convert my G21 was a barrel and recoil spring change. It was so easy anyone could do it.

F*ck cnn77 says:

xds 45 6 rds. rather have that then snub 38 any day of the weak

thegooddoctor2009 says:

If you're limited in the number of rounds you can have, if you're limited to ball amunition, or if you're trying to shoot subsonic a 45 acp is better than a 9mm.

Anthro Jim says:

2017 and not converting your .45ACP to .460 Rowland. It is the current year people.


You definitely make some valid points. I carry all types of calibers for self defense. Working in the medical field, and personally hearing of some accounts from trauma surgeons, the "big hole" myth, well, isn't a myth. The larger the wound channel is created, the more internal damage is done, causing more bleeding and a faster drop in blood pressure. A high quality 45 ACP defense round, like the Underwood 185gr JHP XTP +P rounds will hit with over 550 ft lb of energy at over 1,100 ft/sec. I can agree that a standard military ball load for a 45 may not be a round that you could depend on for barrier penetration. Well, Underwood makes an extreme penetrator round for 45 as well. If it is anything like their other penetrator rounds, it will defeat most common barriers. I would also argue that 45 recoil is more manageable that 40SW. This also depends on the type of gun you carry.

I used to carry only 45 ACP when I was new to concealed carry. Now, I typically carry 357 Sig with Underwood Loads or 9mm +P+, but mostly due to size of the pistol (which is one of your valid arguments), not because 45 isn't a worthy round. It is more than capable if you chose the right type of ammunition. But you can't tell me that a JHP round in 45 is going to consistently do less damage that a JHP round in 9mm or 40sw with the same shot placement at typical engagement ranges, which are between 1-10 feet away.

Dalek Prime says:

Opinions are like assholes.

Everyone has one.

Jeremy Jones says:

Imagine working at a gun counter and some guy walks in with 5 45acp handguns and says " I need to trade these in towards some .380's because the .380 has more advantages". Could you imagine the look on your face. Not to mention .380 ammunition isn't cheap. Col. Jeff Cooper is rolling over in his grave right now so much that he's doing the M. Bison special move off Street Fighter.

Rey Bravo says:

I like this line of thinking, which is why I added a Ruger LCR .327 Federal Magnum to my carry guns. Advantage: small pocket revolver with SIX rounds of a pretty potent round with less recoil than a .357. Only downside is I can't find speedloaders for it.


Yankee loves making enemies lol

Jordan says:

In your "most bestest handgun caliber" video you stated one of the positives of the .45acp was that it breaks bone and penetrates" In this video you said that it doesn't penetrate if it hits bone. So which is it?

vulcan1358 says:

I like my .45 cause everytime i grab it my nuts get hard and i swoll up

Jeremy Jones says:

Ahah, now I see what your reasoning behind this 45 acp slander is, you have jumped back on the 40 bandwagon. That's fine man I can dig it, I like 40 as well. But like I said on your last video, dude you are either high as hell or YouTube has finally drove you to be mentally insane lol. 380 has more advantages over the 45 bahahahahahahaha ha! I guess a bigger advantage to .380 is that it can be a pocket gun. That's what I like about your channel, I always here things for the first time here. Never-mind that 380's don't typically have larger capacity (especially as a pocket gun) or that it doesn't penetrate as deep or penetrate barriers as well. Or that these little 380's also have questionable reliability. Having less advantages doesn't make it a non effective round is your statement, but then you go on to say how 45 is less effective in real world shootings and ballistics. I'll tell you what, if some perp was all doped up from some illicit drugs I'd rather take my chances stopping the threat with a 45 than some mouse 380 lol. What are you smoking? Seriously, I want some 💣🚬. Lol, all jokes aside we are entitled to believe what we want and I respect your opinion, I just don't agree with this one

Posh Weevil says:

ima unsub from u and sub to infowars derp

aaron doerr says:

Agreed and well said

jdmac44 says:

I know there's controversy over Ed Sanow and Evan Marshall's study on "stopping power", but their real world statistics still seemed to show that the .45 ACP was at the top of the heap for handgun calibers. Is there new data that would contravene this? Taken from as many or more of a sample? I got tired of the caliber wars and I chose 9mm for the reasons you stated and have stayed away from the arguments, so I don't know how the conversation has progressed, but it sounds like you have new information. Or it sounds like you may have just "heard a lot" to make you come to this opinion that the .45 ACP isn't the best at stopping a threat. If you have a genuine study that you're speaking from, I'd love to know about it (sincerely!).

The Penetration Channel says:

although I love my M&P 45, I DO have to agree with you. Just put a 357 SIG on your side, and be on your way.

Joshua Johnston says:

.45acp is a quality round but i choose capacity

XxVeNoMxX says:

it sucks because it can't penetrate anything that isn't soft. follow up shots aren't as quick and as accurate due to recoil. and most people that carry a .45 are "manly" men that need a dick compensater just like a lifted truck. bring on the hate replies 😊

Joshua Balbier says:

Well said. This has really needed to be said for a long time.

hurtus86 says:

you have some valid points but il carry my 1911s or glocks in .45acp over the 9mm or .40 any day of the week , the 10mm puts all 3 to shame tho lol

James Cheatwood says:

M1917 .45 Revolver was used extensively in WW1, not the semi 1911. That being said, you probably should not generalize your statements when the .45 is used in many different platforms that give it different characteristics. imho.

prepper4life says:

Look for anyone thats arguing on it thats a problem i'd hate to be shot by a 22lr pistol i dont care what im being shot with its that IM BEING SHOT any bullet will kill you. you people argue like 2yr olds all he is doing is telling you what bullet has what advantages but what you people arnt getting is ANY bullet will kill you unless its a blank

Christopher Harts says:

For every reason you mentioned it's why I carry one openly for security jobs. 1. People think it's big and scary. 2. Less likely to penetrate a wall or some random obstacle. 3. Less likely to kill someone with a bone shot as I'm supposed to use deadly force as a last option I consider that part of the job. 4. If I do really need to kill something I have a mag of rip rounds for it handy. I should add I only carry it for those security jobs. Everything else is my colt detective special.

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