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Why the .22 Cal is perfect for self defense. In this video I explain why the .22 Cal is just as good as any other gun for self defense. Support $2-$5 per month Instagram


Bigg Mike says:

Might not b as reliable as centerfire But I’ve shot .22 since I was 6 don’t remembered having any real reliability issues

Pat Patterson says:

I have a 22 mark 3 ruger. A 22 shell will shoot clean through a coyote. So it will dam sure do some damage on a person..

Pootie Tang says:

A .22 will do the job in almost any scenario, any gun will. It's that time that someone is very determined or impaired and maybe not feeling anything you hit them with, that's when .22 isn't sufficient. Larger calibers destroy more tissue that is very simple and not up for debate. Sometimes MAY require you to MAKE a determined attack end, and that is making blood pressure go down enough to actually make it stop. The .22 is less reliable is also true and proven. There is no reason not to get and train with a larger caliber. 9mm isn't hard to shoot and isn't expensive. There just simply is no reason to opt for a .22

Turf Surf says:

Do you shave them after you shoot them?…….lolll

Manny Echaluce says:

Besides, in the end you don't really want to kill anybody 😀

a3300000 says:

Five .22 rounds in your face makes quite a statement. Trust me.

Nickybandz says:

What is the pistol on the top?

Wetimus Prime says:

Does a flare gun work

kings17court says:

With the anticipated crazy times ahead, I've been considering a gun for home protection, and I think a semi-auto .22 should work fine. Would something bigger cause more damage and be more effective? Sure. But I think a.22 is enough. And they are inexpensive enough where you could pick up a few. My sister is cop and I ran the topic by her, and she said the .22 is just gonna make them mad, and her recommendation was a Mossberg Shockwave. What the heck. I don't need to blow someone in half to protect myself.

David Winfield says:

We need more tales from the hood!

Joey Greene says:

As a former police officer, I know what a 22 will do. Bullet placement is the key

The Tony Cam says:

1 .22lr in the gut. End of story.

Ab Dullah says:

Buddy now u talking

EyesInTheDark1 says:

Give Monty a gun too. Two gun better than one.

Angel Ramirez says:

BB's won't hurt that much but i still wouldn't want to get shot by it. I dont think it matters by what it it i dont know anyone that wants to get shot. Still a good video nonetheless

SMFCNA says:

Paul Harrell, world class shooter and highly decorated solider: 22lr, if you get the right ammo and TRAIN, is effective and maybe ideal for some shooters.
1968TruckTurner, a lifetime spent on the street dealing with armed robbery: 22lr, if you get the right ammo and TRAIN, is effective and maybe ideal for some shooters.
My CCW instructor: 22lr, if you get the right ammo and TRAIN, is effective and maybe ideal for some shooters.
RandoYoutubeGuy, medicore COD player, saving up for .50AE, lmbo actually owns John Wick hideaway furniture: durr 22lr more liek 22babydick lol real men only carry 45 subcompact recoil monsters that they never shoot with!


Ray Cist says:

You don’t run towards any caliber

Jeffrey Elliott says:

Good video by the way !!! I own a S&W .22 Compact and if properly cleaned and lubed that semi-auto pistol will go bang every time I pull the trigger I would BET my LIFE on it !!!!! And I wouldn't hesitate to use it as a EDC gun for self protection !!!! It's cheap ammo, it's less recoil, and it's easy on the ears as well !!!! It is accurate as HELL out to 10 yards for sure so it would be NO problem to waste a perp at close range wanting to do me harm !!!! Think about it I have NEVER heard of anyone with a semi-auto .22LR pistol have a dud or not go off when having to pull the trigger at a bad guy !!!! So what are the ODDS in it NOT going BANG at least a million to 1 !!!!! When I go practice with my S&W .22 Compact pistol for the first time after I bought it it did have 2 misfires during the initial break in period and that was during the first 300 rds and after that BANG BANG BANG every time !!!!

Mike H. says:

What are the two handguns in this video?

edcrobert T says:

Have a gun. The video just makes sense thank you


Good video, quite true, gun people on youtube never lived in fucked up neighborhoods

Michoacan El churumuco says:

The .22 is way too perfect for personal security purpose.

Carl Hopkinson says:

Look at a 22lr punching 12 inches deep into ballistic gel. That is going to be a game changer.

Carl Hopkinson says:

Good point…criminals want NO trouble.

busymountain says:

I watched a channel shooting a 22 at 400 yards was lethal to the target. Penatrated 1/2 pine board at 400 yards. The point is it penetrates.

busymountain says:

I believe with some military in history a 22 caliber was standard issue pistols for some service men. It used to be the standard of a certain type of hit men.

busymountain says:

You know you said that exactly correct. I am not sure why everyone seems to want a 9 mil minimum. I have come to the same conclusion about nobody wants to get shot with a 22 or anything else. 👍

Frank Hamp says:

I often carry a 7 shot 22 magnum revolver when walking the dogs or running errands during the day. When the sun goes down and the goblins come out I either stay home or pack a 9mm.

john summers says:

I feel protected wether I have a 40cal or 22cal

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