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Why Biting is the LAST Thing You Should Try in Self Defense | Bite Counters | Disease Risks

Biting is extremely risky. It is high-risk, low reward. It is easily countered and you are at a greater risk of exposure to disease. Get hard2hurt merch here! Please consider supporting hard2hurt and get exclusive content available only on Patreon. Follow Mike: Facebook: Twitter: Instagram: My Kit: Icy Mike and Passive Jay Podcast: DISCLAIMER: This video and description contain affiliate links, which means that if you click on them, hard2hurt receives a small commission. This helps supports the hard2hurt channel and allows us to continue to make videos like this. Thanks for supporting us and stay hard2hurt. Music: Title Song is Lying Low Royalty Free music by


sparky elven says:

funny you talk about biting. My uncle who was know as one of the toughest and most avoided people ion his home town lost his front teeth by biting. Now he was in the position of receiving a major shit kicking when he bit the guy and it did him no good . Now this was a guy with no formal fight training, unless you count being the middle child of 5 boys and 9 girls. He got in fight involving his ex wife, ( not sure all the details but the ex's boyfriend and her confronted him in the bar) In the process of the fight my uncle tried to throw the guy and ended up breaking his femur . The guy proceeded to kid my uncle in the head so grabbed the guys leg and bit him in the shin, resulting in the loss of his front teeth. Regardless of situation and I don't know the end result as how it affected the altercation but it didn't seem to do that much for my uncle.

Puhbaertus Greene says:

I'm no expert on legal matters and this is just hearsay, but I heard that in some countries biting someone can bring you from a simple brawl and maybe a reprimand to a full-blown assault charge even if there wasn't that much damage done. So the mere fact that you tried to bite someone can incur legal consequences, I guess…? I heard this in the context of Germany, but I don't know if this is correct there or elsewhere. I'll read up on this; any facts from people who know about this would be much appreciated.

detectivepenegrande says:

thats a very old subject, only if you are a behemoth you can bite an arm so you can use your fists, if you bithe clothing you gonna lose your teeth

nolon gioven says:

5:28 I really wonder what's going through this woman's mind as she's walking past & looking at the two of you guys biting each other.

Love the videos, Mike, keep it up.

Late to the Game says:

Biting is the best way to get out of a headlock. Turn and bite the belly🤣

Dan Bielefeldt says:

Aw, Man… There goes my "go to" move! My Sensei was one Mike Tyson… I was an enamel belt

Peter Miller says:

If you must bite and ear or finger, be sure to put a condom over the ear or finger before biting.

Peter Miller says:

Remember… Anything you do to someone in a street fight, they can do back to you. Unless they are choked out or knocked out. Choking out or knocking out your opponent in a street fight should be your goal. Biting someone may get you hepatitis, aids or some other kind of blood borne illness. If you find yourself in a position where you must bite someone to prevail in a fight, you've already have done something wrong.

RAWSNL says:


Dzik Bagienny says:

I find it both sad and hilarious at the same time that you actually need to explain these things to people

Epic Despacito Gamer says:

Dude If I get in a street fight ill just fuck the enemy plain and simple

Everett Keithcart says:

Two dudes biting each other in a parking lot. 😆

T M says:

I would end a street fight instantly with a bite to the knee

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