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When self defense laws don't work

A re-examination of a murder case six years in the past sheds new light on claims of self-defense and racial bias. For more CNN videos, check out our YouTube channel at Or visit our site at


OMGCesar says:

Can someone make this go viral

DistortedFocus says:

This happens to white people all the time. Thisbis just political bs

Actheman1978 says:

Yet cops shoot people all the time with no weapons.

Mike Makeer says:

No one is ever required to be the victim.

Joe says:

Same thing happened to my uncle. Races reversed. Though the guy actually broke into his house and he still went to prison. The should not have connected his name to that thug Tryvon Martin.

rochelle123ist says:

This is why I don't want children! This man defended his family! Good for Mr McNeil!

Mark Davidson says:

Defence to murder with a bow and arrow… “I didn’t know it was loaded !”

Nacho Business says:

Immenent threat is justification for a self defense shooting. Did the contractor come at him with a knife?! Threaten his life?! A fist fight is not a justification for shooting somebody… you people have never been through a gun class if you think otherwise.Sounds like murder and ignorance to me not racism and injustice. Where’s the dipshit reverend when you need a loud black man to rally his troops to burn down and loot a city.

Anchor Williams says:

What ever happened to the 2nd amendment

Kurwin Carnow says:

Dnt blame the pro-gun…this is the fault of the left for demonizing self-defence…

Zoxai says:

So sad how a father just doing what was right defending his property and family is twisted, and manipulated by race. When did people get so careless about human life regardless of color/nationality/origin?

Ryan Jensen says:

Sue the shit out of the state.

Bat Man says:

Since when does cnn support self defense? Normally they want you to call the police they defunded and wait for them. Then sue the police for violating your rights when they arrive. So much has changed the past few years.

David H says:

CORRECTION: Castle Doctrine gives you the right to kill someone INSIDE your home regardless if they're a deadly threat or not. Castle Doctrine does not pertain your PROPERTY, like your front lawn, without evidence of an imminent deadly threat

Regardless, if he actually had a knife then I don't agree here at all but if he was truly unarmed then I'm afraid to say you can't just shoot people.. you have to be certain that deadly threat is present. That's what a good OC spray is for.

My theory is that the son/family lied about the "knife" to keep the dad out of jail or that the guy just said he had a knife and didn't really have one

I don't totally agree with the law but the law is the law

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