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St Louis Store Clerk Shot In The Shoulder

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Active Self Protection says:

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Argentiskyblau 15 says:

Looked more like first degree murder than a robbery. At least pretend like youre trying to rob the place steal a snickers bar or something

Dc Kelly says:

Yet again another knobhead.
Why? Bloody shoot n try to murder someone for a few bucks. This guy needs catching ASAP.

s h a d ø w b a n n e d says:

My goodness, why… why?

Christian Moore says:

That’s what they do to get into a gang here kill someone

Christian Moore says:

I live in STL

Touring Jamaica Entertainment says:

Guy is a murderer

jashane stone says:

That could not have been a robbery!?
That dude was popping off with NO INTENT to rob. 👀👀👀

Xavier Baylor says:

This from my home state fuck this guy let him come to our small town.

maria randolph says:

Does it take longer for the police since defundeding?

Mike Sharon says:

Kinda hard to be prepared or avoid something like that🤦🏻‍♂️

qbanz says:

I live in Saint Louis and this is an everyday occurrence

Mike Altan says:

Another Shithole, crime ridden, democratic run, liberal city.

Ryan Wilson says:

Thank God the clerk was not another St Louis statistic (often the murder capital). Thi’sl (Christian Rapper) is also a St Louis native and would not be alive today if he hadn’t concealed carried a few years ago.

King Cole says:

All gas stations need barriers between the customer an the clerk..I don’t get why it isn’t a thing in more stores

.7mm-08 flat says:

STL. The armpit of the Midwest

QuasiRandomViewer says:

Source? News story?

marcantallita says:

Obvious hit job. Probably someone he knows.

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