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When self-defense goes wrong – JCS Inspired

The Interrogation George Zimmerman. “No part of the events that transpired that night were heroic or admirable.” This JCS inspired crime documentary will uncover the case of George Zimmerman , who on February 26, 2012, ended the life of 17-year-old African-American high school student Trayvon Martin. Patreon: Merch: Sources: Article Title: George Zimmerman from Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Article Origin: The information used in this video is licensed by the Creative Commons Deed: Twitter: Instagram: #TrueCrime #Documentary #Psychology


Hushbatman says:

Always looking forward to another interrogation video from you bruv absolutely brilliant keep it up yeah!

Mathu Asher says:

Newer sub here. I've been down a rabbit-hole for content like this. Yours is really good.

Will Stuart says:

Not only did he get away with murder, he NOW has profited from it. And by profit I mean millions of $$ in settlement. It's absolutely disgusting.

RougeEbony says:

This was one of the worst ones… He got away with ut so easily and so sick how some people was on his side…
I am enjoying the change from the short stories. Nice to switch up sometimes ❀

A S says:


dietdrpepper15 says:

Imagine how the police and jury would have treated Trevon if he shot George. Just night and day, difference. And trying to cash in after this mess, wow, guilty as hell.

Jon Foulkes says:

Great stuff! But was this recorded in a tin can πŸ“’πŸ“’πŸ“’

.Carla Collins says:

I can't even watch this one😞

Osie Carter says:

The title should have been "When a demonic piece of s$!& gets off scott free with MURDER!"

CxMxOxNxExY Legend says:

Thank you for this. I love these videos and all new content.

Jorden Sherrard says:

For a guy who got his shit rocked allegedly he sure can remember his ass whoopin well.

Tyler Norgart says:

Wait a second this guy is the white supremacist? That Mexican guy? No wonder the whole story never made sense it's all lies.

TyPo Proteus says:

For anyone who cares and doesnt know:
AM is Amplitude Modulation, and defines the loudness of the voice.
FM is frequency modulation and defines the pitch and speed of the voice.
The laptop essentially is measuring volume and pitch CHANGES in his voice, a normal, calm and relaxed person will have a fairly even tone. An excited person will have a louder and higher pitched tone. A sad person will have a descending pitch and muted loudness. A lying person will have variations between these, as they cannot control their voice pitch and volume at the same time as thinking of lies.

The guys explanation of AM and FM is wrong, you have a carrier tone, and AM and FM modifications to that carrier tone, but you can definitely hear both AM, FM and the carrier tone. For instance…
A young child has a very high frequency carrier, which is why they have high pitched voices..their vocal chords vibrate to make a hum sound. Carrier.
The lungs then push air past the vocal chords at a certain rate, which defines the loudness, or the amplitude of the voice.
At the same time we move our tongue, throat and mouth to shape the sounds, and this movement determies the frequency or rather the "frequency variation of the carrier" in the final sound.

All of these things put together make a voice, and when you are stressed the natural reaction for your brain is to do everything faster and stronger…Essentially lifting the pitch and loudness of the voice. There is other important metrics also, the tempo or rhythym of the voice, as well as amendments. Is the persons sentence changing speed while they are saying it? This might indicate they need to think about some of what they are saying as opposed to stating a fact from memory. Do they continuously make comments then change them over and over? They are trying to confuse you, or are confused themself. Its not magic, these are well defined behaviours.

The absolute funny part to me is, the operator is clearly fumbling most of the time, he either has no faith in the software or no faith in his ability to use it, he definitely faltered a lot when describing the computer and software, he doesn't have a true grasp of how it works so hes trying to bumble on about keywords he remembers from his extremely short and expensive "training".

Humans can already do what this software does, although if correctly used and correctly interpreted, the software will do it programmatically and in such a way that you can definitively prove the difference between a MEMORY and a THOUGHT.
You can THEN assert that, if a person is submitting a memory for their name, and a thought for what happened..they are possibly being deceitful about the thought. It might also mean the person doesnt remember properly, or the memory is scary or depressing. It might be due to tiredness or boredom too… The system is only defined as effective IF the operator can interpret the results effectively.

Same as drug dogs. They might sit, or scratch or sniff..or just look generally more interested in something. The handler interprets their dogs behaviour and tries to decide why the dog got excited, was it drugs or did he find a distraction..

Long story short, digital signal processing is a fucking fascinating topic and the clown in this video has no idea, I have no opinion on whether he correctly or incorrectly read the results, I simply geek out over DSP and without giving away anything from my past or present, in my "opinion" vocal stress analysis is fantastic for working out what answers need to be looked into more, but that is about it…you cant definitively use it to tell if someone is lying.

There is no red or green box that lights up to say lie or truth, if we had a device that 100% of the time you said a lie to it, it illuminated RED, and 100% of the time you tell it the truth, it lights up GREEN.. THAT is a lie detector, anything other than that is just a toy, and if the operator wanted to misinterprety the results on purpose you would have a hard time disagreeing, seeing as it would just be your opinion against his.

Johnny Blaze says:

Just made it into to the gym to listen to this

Trevor Bender says:

Awesomeness!! Thank you for the upload!!πŸ™ƒ I have to say that one of then smarter things I've done lately is subscribe to this channel. Gratitude!!🀘😎

Apples says:

He was allowed to sell the gun he used at auction?! That is so repulsive, what a terrible human being! jfc

Ali in Wonderland says:

He should be in prison.

Reality Era News says:

Welp just gonna ignore this video… The comment section is gonna be filled with just the worst human beings. Bad choice of video IMO

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