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When Helping Hurts

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thepackable says:

I hope the thieves have their worst and most poor new year.

David Mcnelley says:

Any larger of a vehicle and it could have been the worst outcome.

Zen Gardens says:

Let’s be real, ain’t shit weighing on his heart, in the real world people aren’t as softy soft as the movies. In the real world he’s thinking “this is wtf I get for trying to help”

AH! Why is there poop in your mouth says:

Glad she survived. That was horrible.

GEO Elhard says:

Can't agree more about the FAK I have a major trauma kit in every vehicle and have Mt med ankle kit on me whenever I walk out the door. I had to use it once when I came across a car accident and there was a major bleed. never so happy to have the right tools on me than ever.

ZMAN 420 says:

Good video John 👍

Veil says:

No. The robbers made that significantly worse by dragging her into traffic.
He was crashing into them, or her either way.

Terreance King says:

Mad props to the Good Samaritan that tried to use his car against the perpetrators but instead the lady caught up in the middle of that jam hope she be ok.

Truman Burbank says:

Ouch, I thought she was a mannequin or something. Can't fault the driver for this though.

Brian West says:

The lady was clearly visible. How did he think that he could hit the bike and not her?! Crazy stupid driver.

BrbImAt TheMoon says:

What a FOOL for attempting that

Tyler S says:

Kinda embarrassing.

OU812? TrUe says:

Wow, that was hard to watch. Glad the woman survived.

Pi Noy says:

I wont judge good intention. If i was victim, i will thank him for helping. Too bad perps got away.

tim b says:

The road to hell is paved with good intentions.

Danny Sands says:

This is not good

Mathew Bascom says:

If you live in brazil, you should know that any two guys on a bike is 100% a justified "shoot first ask later" scenario.

drake peters says:

I thought she got ripped in half at first that’s crazy god is good ✊🏻🙏🏼

Goodbye Mr. Anderson says:

I can't for the life of me understand why, or how that man thought this would work.

Sharky's Machine says:

Not the best way to be apart of FAIL ARMY!!

Sixgun Miller says:

Ouch, but she didnt just give up.


She survived being dragged by a MOTO CHORO and a car running over her.

This is some super hero shiet

poposisa says:

Driver should be charged, what a god damn idiot.

AbleDelta says:

Maybe they shouldn't be firing unvaxed paramedics..

master jere says:

Aca en Argentina Necesitamos Armarnos y darles su bueno s Balasos

Scott Aronin says:

On the one hand, kudos to the woman for not giving up easily. On the other hand, she lost her bag anyway and got significantly injured.

Leroy says:

Ahhhh the ol leroy Jenkins

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