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What’s Different about REAL LIFE Self Defense by Mike Gillette

REAL LIFE Self Defense

Life is unpredictable and life can be scary at times. Being prepared to deal with a dangerous person or possible attacker is more important than ever before. Unfortunately, bad things happen every day to good people and it’s time for good people to know how to respond to potentially life threatening situations.

Tactical Training Specialist and Former Executive Bodyguard Mike Gillette knows a few things about facing dangerous situations and how to survive them. He has faced many of them in his life…

These days we’ve seen our share of frightening news stories where dangerous people threaten the safety and well being of innocent men, women and children here in the states and all over the globe. It’s important to know how to defend yourself and the lives of those you love in a simple and easy to apply manner.

You must know what to do come crunch time so you can FIGHT BACK effectively, Defend yourself and the lives of those you love so that you can Escape and Survive the situation. Find out from Mike what REAL LIFE Self Defense can do for you!

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Pumping Aluminum says:

Gillette… He's so connected to his name … Look at his clean shaven head n face 😁

Conditioned Response says:

Uh oh…some are going to lose their minds on this type of truth. Mike Gillette has a personal life story that is unreal, including what he has overcome. I do not believe he is a B.S. guy for what it is worth (I purchased a different product from him years ago).

eustacio marquez says:

talks too much !!

Plain Rock Daily news and songs says:

Martial arts as a form of stress reliever

Antonio says:


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