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Was Shooting At These Car Thieves Worth It?

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DThomas M says:

Yeah if he gets prosecuted the justice system is fucked. This will never change. People will always protect their property no matter what. The law needs to change

Johnny Lindo says:

Devils cannabis really? Alcohol is much worse!

Papa Lilburn says:

Totally disagree with your opening comment, the Castle Doctrine also contradicts that position.

William Rausch says:

John, I've read many comments and your replies. What happened to "you put the quarter in the juke box…"?

Seabee says:

John, with our world going down day by day, you have a job for life! and then some….. lol

Randy Barlow says:

Great parenting in New Orleans. Most crimes committed there I would say 90 percent of the crimes done in New Orleans are done by minors.

Ughatta Vequiden says:

That sounds like double standards.

Jan Smith says:

If you think about it.. the cameras tells you that area gets hit all the time because the RING camera is owned byAmazon and the cops have access to RING. So,whomever, put up the camera, they already know about the car thieves ini that arena. Two Cameras put there "on purpose" because that area is a haven for break-ins. Those kids probablyknowit too.

Jan Smith says:

Minority Report.

al clar says:

The fact he got charged shows you what’s wrong with our justice system

Myrtle says:

So the court defend criminals now? What a funny world for living 😂

Darin Traver says:

The devils lettuce ???? Come on John is legal in 90 percent of the world . Booze is the devils drink !! That causes people to be stupid … high people just be lazy and eat chips !!! Lol

SuperGmann10 says:

Love you, bro? But the beard? I wanna give you my spare change! 😁

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